Cassidy-What goes up must come down?

Well, my title says it all.

Things were going great, what I thought. We got our other two kids back, we finish high school. Jessi tells me he hates me. I know he will come around sometime. Right?


I don’t know. Our daughter Sammie just turns 1. I’m teaching her how to walk. She crawled out the door the other day. Well, we do have a door. It’s just broken. I told ya, our parent got us a fixer upper house. It needs a lot of work. But it’s a home.


My mom gave us 2,000$ in case we needed anything. Issc wants go college. So do I, but our kids.

He been looking for a job, no one would hire him. He finally got a job at the book store. Its only part time. He doesn’t make enough to support the family.

The other day, he came home drunk. He smelled so bad. I try asking him where he went. All he said was “out”.


I took the kids to my moms. I didn’t want them around him. My mom was fine with us staying there.

After a week, I came home. Our house was trash. He has been having parties, drinking and doing drugs.Screenshot-68 Screenshot-69 Screenshot-70 Screenshot-71 Screenshot-72 Screenshot-73

I found him wasted in our bedroom. He was drunk and high.

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