Cassidy-Love you black and blue, with side of purple

After coming home to him drunk, and high, I told him he need get his butt back on the right track. He laugh in my face, he told me that he is enjoying his life while he is young.                                 Screenshot-2           Screenshot-4

My mom offer to pay for rehab for him, but I know he will turn it down. Plus I know she couldn’t afford it. She will have sell the beach house.  Mom told me, she’ll pay for a small apartment for me and the kids. I’m thinking about it.Screenshot-18Screenshot-8

I went check our bank account. I found out we were broke, we had nothing left. Our lights were shut off; we had no food in the house. I try asking him, where the money went. He punch me in the face, and told me don’t worry about it.


He kicks me, and punches me every time I look at him. I’m glad he does it when the kids aren’t around. I found out today he lost his job. So, now we have no income, no food, and no money. Just lovely.


Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4

I called my father in law; I knew he could help his son. I think he would be great for him to see his grandbabies too. He didn’t sound shock when told him what’s going on. He rush over to our house, he was disappointed in our home. He gave me a check to cover the bills, plus extra money for paint. He got us food. He stayed for a while, and then he left before his son got home. He told me before leaving that he will be back tomorrow and he will help around the house.

He returns the next day. My husband was sound asleep, he just got home from partying all night. My father-in-law went into bedroom and grab his son by shirt and told his son have worthless he became, and how much he is like his mother. He told him he can go rehab and treat his family better or he can go jail and lose his wife and kids.

I was shock went he said, he’ll go rehab. In way I am proud of my husband.

I couldn’t wait till he left. It will be easier tell him that I’m leaving him.

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