The night I met Alex

Harmony was scared for the first time in her life. As she was looking around, she notice there was a lot of stuff that she never knew about Alex. How didn’t she? They had been together for 5 years. They have made a life together. How didn’t she know about this?


Officer came in the door and sit down a cup of coffee. Harmony wasn’t sure if she should drink it or not. What the heck, she drunk the coffee. It was nasty. She was never a fan of the stuff. She felt grown when she try drink the black liquid of something gross.

Officer Max asked her about the night she met Alex. Harmony hasn’t thought about that night in a long, long time. That was the night her life change forever.

She told them, how she met Alex at homeless shelter. Alex had black makeup and red lipstick. She had blue highlights in her hair. She was wearing skinny jeans that were so tight on her.  She had a black shirt.

Harmony was thinking how beautiful Alex was.

Alex walks over to Harmony and threw pair of pants and shirt at her. “Here you need this more than I do”

Harmony looked down at herself, and thought “did my clothes really look that bad? Yes the have holes, bunch of holes”

“Thanks, I’m Harmony. What’s your name?” Alex turns around and walks back to empty bunk. Alex yelled back, “I’m Alex, nice to meet you Harmony.” Harmony got up from her sleeping bag and took the clothes back to Alex. “Here, I don’t need this. I like what I have. Which isn’t much? But it’s something. I don’t want mess up your clothes. So here! Take this back.” Alex laugh, “No, Harmony. You keep it. I’m sure this shirt would be better on you then me anyways.” “I was being nice and sharing” Alex laid down and pretended she was going sleep. Her stomach said otherwise.

Harmony went back to her bag, and grabbed a bag of chip and bottle of water. She went back to Alex and gave her the food and water. “Here Alex, this is for the clothes. Thank you!”

Alex got up and went to the table and ate the chips. “This is so good, where did you get the chip from?” Food was flying out of her mouth while she talked. Harmony giggled.

“Goodnight Alex, It was nice to meet you.”

Harmony went to bed with a smile on her face. She met the cutest girl, she ever seen.

Then all sudden thought to herself, Wait?!?! Am I gay? Noooo way!!! She never was into girls before. She never had been with a man before.

“Hello Harmony!” Said Officer Max, She forgot for a second where she was. “Harmony, did she have anything that was high in value that night?

Harmony was thinking back that night. “Not that I can recall, Officer Max”

Max was studying her face, to see if she was lying to him. “Harmony you do know if you are lying to cover your girlfriend. You can go prison with her”

Harmony knew that could happen. “I’m not lying to cover her mess up, Max”

Officer Max asked Harmony about her past, before she met Alex.

Harmony was the only child, her mother never wanted to have children. It wasn’t in Sofia plan to have kids, that what you get when you have unprotected sex.

Sofia wasn’t the mother type. She wanted to party and have fun. She didn’t want to be tied down to a man or kid.

When she found out that she was pregnant. She was too far along, to ‘take care of it’. She was stuck with a kid.

The father never knew about Harmony. She never knew who the father was.

Harmony mother, abuse her in any way she could. She would throw food on the floor and make her eat it. If she didn’t, Sofia would slap her in the face and make her eat the food off the floor.

Harmony told herself, “One day I will run away and never look behind!”

Harmony was 15 years old when she did run away. She only took her book bag and some clothes.  Sofia didn’t care that her only daughter has ran away. She was happy to get back in the partying scene again. She only wishes it happen sooner.

Harmony didn’t notice she was crying when she was telling Officer Max about her horrible mother! She was evil and mean! She made a promise to never be like her own mother if she had kids.

Max grabbed some tissue to give to Harmony.

“Thank you, Max!” “I’ve forgotten how mean that women was to me”

“It’s okay Harmony. I think this is enough questioning for today.” “I am going let you go home for tonight. I’ve more questions for you in morning. I will be there at your house to pick you up in the morning. Please promise that you won’t run away like Alex did. If you did, you’ll go jail!” “Do you understand that Harmony? You seem to be a good person. I am sorry you got caught up in this mess.”

“Yes, I understand Max.” “Thank you for being so nice to me”

“You’re welcome Harmony.”

Harmony was walking home from the police station. While she was walking home, she was thinking about her past. What would her life be if she didn’t run away from Sofia?

It was starting to rain, and she had a mile left till she was home. Home where she share with Alex for 5 years, a house they started to build with money they earn from their “jobs”.

She was within blocks from her home, she heard someone walking behind her. Before she could react, they already grabbed her and toss into the bushes. Harmony started to fight, and bite. Alex taught her to do whatever you can to get away from them. Harmony started to yell for help… Alex started laughing. “Harmony, you fight like a girl!” Harmony punched Alex in the arm. “No duh, I am a girl. What are you doing? The police are looking for you!” She had some many questions to ask her. All she really wants to do is hug her and kiss her. She loved Alex so much.

Alex read her mind; she grabbed Harmony by the shoulders and gave her kiss. “I love you Harmony, and I am sorry!” “Please forgive me”

Harmony could never stay mad at Alex. She was so happy to see her again. “Alex I am going home to grab the sleeping bags that we have stored away. I will be right back. Promise me that you won’t leave this spot?”

Before Alex could reply, someone was walking past the bushes. Alex knew it wasn’t safe for her to go home with Harmony. Alex waited till it was clear. She whisper to Harmony “Don’t worry about the sleeping bag, I’ve found an old ran down house that in the woods. No one will find us there.”

“Alex, I can’t. I promise Officer Max that I wouldn’t run away and I will be home for the police to pick me up and take me back to the station. Finish the questioning about. Oh and speaking of that. When were you planning on telling about the drug ring and all of the items you have stolen from people?” Harmony voice was raise. She was mad at Alex now!

No, she was beyond mad!

“I’m sorry Harmony, I really am.

“Alex I am going home. I don’t want go jail,” Harmony got up from the ground and started walk back home. Alex knew she had too. As much she wanted be with her Har-Har, She knew she had let her go. Alex didn’t want her go prisons like she going to. Well, after she is caught by the police. Till then, she will keep on running.

Harmony got home, she was disappointed in Alex. Why didn’t Alex stop her? Why didn’t she beg for me stay with her?

Harmony went to bed, thinking about her Alex.

Alex, stay close behind Harmony to make sure she got home okay. Alex was standing outside the house they have built together. She was proud of herself for the work they have done. They have built this house by their self, without any man help. Alex giggle, thinking “See, women can do anything a man can do, but better”

Alex look around to make sure no one was around. Then she went to the old ran down house, Went to sleep on an old bed that smells like death.

Harmony woke up the next morning, she was very tired. She heard a knock at the door. She hurry got up and grabs some clothes and throw it on.

She went to answer the door. Max was standing there waiting for her. “I thought you ran off too Harmony.” “I was about to call the station to let them know that you were wanted too”

Harmony was getting annoy with this man. “I’m sorry Max, I over slept.” “I’m ready to go to station to finish the questioning. But first, I need a lawyer to be with me”

“Harmony, why all sudden you need a lawyer?”  “Did Alex come see you last night?” “What did she tell you Harmony Dunlap?”

Officer Max was getting mad. He hope this would been an easy case. Maybe one that helped him gets the job that in Washington.

Max didn’t care if Harmony knew about the drugs or the items that were stolen. He only wanted to throw both girls behind bar. He thought the girls were nasty anyways. How can someone be into the same sex? It’s should be against the law. Max was getting furious. He grabs Harmony and made her get into the car with him. She knew that she shouldn’t fight back.

When they got to the station, he told her go wait in the waiting area and he will call a lawyer for her. She did what she was told. She was hungry. She walked over to the vending machine. When she got up the police started to watch her in case she try make a run for it. Harmony pulled out the last couple dollars she had.

Harmony got a soda and candy bar. She went back to her seat and ate the candy bar. She notices the machine gave her Diet Cola. She hated diet soda. Alex loved the stuff. Harmony started to cry. She is missing her Alex.

Alex was suddenly woken up by a sound. She sat up and was looking around to see if anything was there.

There was a man standing at the door.

Alex try to get up and grab her book bag, it was too late, the man already grabs it. Alex look around see if there was a way for her to get out with getting caught by this man.

She ran to the window, but the man already beat her to it. Alex yelled “Who are you? And what do you want?” Alex was scared this man might turn her in or kill her.

Man just stand there looking at her, “Alex, you have to trust me and come with me” “Dallas sent me to find you. I know a save place for you.” Alex wasn’t sure if she should trust him. She knew Dallas wouldn’t hurt her. She agreed and went him this man.

Harmony was still waiting for a lawyer to come. She was tired of Max trying to get her say something about Alex. She didn’t know Alex was running a drug ring or was in one. How didn’t Harmony know? Where this money was that Max claims Alex made? Harmony made her money on her drawing and painting. It was an honest living. She enjoys it. She wanted to be a writer one day. She always carried her note pad, to draw or to write short stories.

Harmony reaches in her bag and grabbed her drawing pad. She sits down on the floor. She was trying think of something to draw.

“Miss Dunlap?” Harmony looks up and she sees a women dress in a blue suit. “Yes? That me”

“Great, I am Polly. I was told by Max that you needed a lawyer?”

Harmony was thinking, she doesn’t look like a lawyer. She is young and pretty.

“Hi Polly, Please call me Harmony.” Harmony got up and went to grab her stuff.

Polly took Harmony inside the questioning room; she had some question to ask her. “Miss Dunlap, I don’t know too much about your case. Max didn’t tell me much. All he said, you knew about the thefts and the money. I don’t know if that is true Dunlap. I do need you be honest with me. I am here to help you, not Alex or Max!”

Harmony didn’t know if she could trust her. But she wanted to. “Polly, I want first thank you for coming on short notice. I don’t think I can afford you” Polly, knew she couldn’t afford the top lawyer in this town. But she was already paid for by a stranger. “Dunlap, your fees are already taken care of. Now, please tell me why we are here.”

Harmony wonders if Alex has paid her the lawyer. She went ahead and told Polly what was going on. “Well, Polly. My girlfriend lived a second life that I didn’t know about. Max is claiming she is in this drug ring, and she makes drug. And during the night she steals things from people. They are claiming she has stolen up to $25,000,000 in items within last 10 years. I know for fact that she hasn’t stolen a thing.” Harmony took a deep breath before she started again “Polly, I don’t know if she was making drugs or selling it. I work during the day at the library. Far as I know Alex sleeps during the day. We both work at the local adult club at night. She dance and I am server.” Polly asks “Do you know who Dallas is?” Harmony never heard of that name. “Noo, is that a person?” Polly knew Harmony didn’t know who Dallas was a person. “Okay Dunlap, let’s go speak with Max now.” “Remember be claim.”

Polly got up and went got Max to let him know they are ready to finish the questioning.

Meanwhile, Alex went with this man. She didn’t know him. She has meet Dallas crew. Alex held on for dear life to her bag. She was thinking about her girlfriend. How she really messed up. How was she going get Harmony to forgive her this time? She had a ring for her. She had plans on how and when she was going ask the question. She can’t now. Tears started rolling down her face. The man turns and looked at her, “Alex, I was told you were tough as nails.” Alex said angry back, “I AM TOUGH!!!” “Who the heck are you? And where are we going??”

He took a minute to think about how to answer that question. He locked the doors. “Well, I’m a cop… My name is Scott. Don’t worry. I’m not turning you in yet. I do work for Dallas too. The cops don’t know about my side job. Dallas pays me 3X more than working as a cop. I am taking you to a safe place; Dallas has it ready for you. The problem is, if your dumb, miss goody too shoes say anything that may give us away. I get to take you into the station. Maybe alive or not… I don’t know yet. So, do we have anything to worry about Alex?” Alex knew for fact that she didn’t know anything about this whole mess. “No we don’t have any problem. She doesn’t know a thing.” Scott said “Good thing, my dear.” “Dallas as paid for the best of the lawyers in this town. She will be fine. I hope you know, that will never going see her again.”

Alex knew this would happen. She should got out sooner. But the money was too good to leave. Alex had the money hidden in the wall. She had plans for them to move away. It’s too late now.

Harmony answers the entire question to the best she could. Max let her go. She didn’t know anything. Even though, he didn’t like her. He couldn’t charge her with a thing.

Years later,

Harmony met a man and they got married. They had 2 children, both girls. She named them Alex, and Holly. Her husband knew about her closed relationship with a woman named Alex. He was crazy about his wife. He would do anything to make his wife happy. Harmony was happy with him, deep inside she still loved her Alex. She couldn’t sit there and wait for nothing to happen. Alex was gone. There was nothing she could do about it.

Harmony husband Danny wanted to build on the house more. He wanted to make another room for a baby. The hope this time it would be a boy. He wouldn’t care if it was another girl. He loves his girls. They made his life wonderful.

Danny was tearing out the wall that Harmony and Alex first put up. He was admiring their hard work. As he was tearing out the walls, he notice money was coming out of the wall. “HARMONY!!!!” “COME HERE NOW!!” Harmony came running from around back. “What Dan?!?!?.” She notices all of the money. “Dan, what is this?” “Well, Harmony it looks like it money to me” Harmony punch him the arm playful. She was wondering if Alex put this money here. Alex lied to her. She was happy that she found someone that wouldn’t hide something from her. She truly loved love him.

“Dan, should we call the cops?” “No Harmony, they might think you were lying 10 years ago.” “Then they could take you into jail”

They start picking all of the money and took it inside to hide it somewhere. Till they were able figure something out. They stay up late that night counting the money while the girls slept in their room. It was late, almost morning time. They had counted $2.3 million.

Harmony wanted to do something good with the money. Help the poor person build a nice home. Help them get back on their feet. She knew Dan would support her no matter what. She was shock when he told her to spend the money any way she felt fit. She did that. They gave the land with the small house to a needy family.

They packed up and moved to a new town. The kids were excited for the moved. They let the kid’s picks where they were going to move. They pick a nice house on the beach. Harmony was standing in front of her new home. She couldn’t believe 15 years ago, she was homeless. Living off whatever she could find. She was proud of her self.  He wanted to find who her father was. That would mean, she had find her mother first. She wanted to rub it in her mother face, how better off she was without her.

They were settling in their new house. Dan and Harmony wanted to homeschool the girls. They were working so hard. She wanted to give them a day off. She heard there was a fair in town. The girls were excited. They hurry and went and change.

“Harmony, I am so proud to call you my wife” said Dan.  She blushes. She hasn’t felt this way in a long time. She was finally happy again. Alex made her happy too. But she had do things she didn’t like. Dan wouldn’t make her do something she didn’t like.

“Alex and Holly” “please hurry, or mom and I are going to leave you behind” tease their daddy. The girls hurried up and grab their backpack and some money they had saved up. “Okay dad!” Holly yells downstairs.

They got into the car. Dan drove to the local fair ground. The kids were so excited they couldn’t wait til they were there. After they got there, the girls took off before Dan could tell them to have fun.

Dan found some of his friends, and he went had some guy time. Harmony just wanted to relax and soak up some of the sun. Maybe she would finish her book or draw some more.

“Harmony? Is that really you?” A tall, skinny woman with long black hair. “Umm, Do I know you?” “Are you freakin kidding Harmony?” “its me, Alex” Harmony was in middle of taking a drink from her ice tea. She chokes a little bit. She couldn’t believe it!

“Oh, Hi Alex” Harmony was suddenly nervous. “Are you kidding me? You don’t remember who I am?” “Alex claim down please, my kids and husband is around here somewhere”

Harmony and Alex sit down at table try eat their lunch, and catch up. “So, how you been Alex?” “Good, I clean up my life after what happen. I got out of that stuff. I went to prison for couple years. I turn myself in.”

“Alex that is wonderful. I wish you done that sooner” “Why Harmony? Do you still love me?” “Alex, you were my first, I will always love you, but I have a family now. I’m not going throw that away for someone who almost cause me go jail.”

“I understand Har, I’m very sorry for everything. I am truly sorry. I still love you. I will always love you Harmony.”

“I guess this is goodbye then Alex?” “Yes, it is Harmony. Goodbye my love. I hope he is making you happy.”

Alex hugs Harmony for the last time. She went on with her life. She couldn’t forgive herself for putting Harmony through the things she has.

Alex moved away and settled down with a girl named Bess. They got married and adopt 2 kids, one boy named Cliff Vouse, and a girl named Rosa. Alex always will love Harmony.

Harmony and Dan moved away. They are building their dream house. They gave birth to baby boy, they named him Will. Harmony stops thinking about Alex. Alex will always has special spot in her heart.

The End!

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