Cassidy- Don’t know…….

He been gone for couple months now, my parents loan me money, if I wanted to file and end our marriage.

He called me the other day asking if I would bring the kids up to visit him. I agreed to it. The kids were excited to see their dad.

I was shock how much he has changed. He was back to his old self. He told me how sorry he was. He hopes we can work this out.

My father in law been coming over and helping around the house. He replaces few windows, and some of the doors. We finished painting the inside of the house. My parents got the kids new bedroom set. It’s slowly looking better.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-12

My youngest son learn how walk. I’m teaching him how to talk and potty train!

Our other two kids are doing well in school.

My mom loan me some money, so I didn’t have go back to working yet. I apply for college, I’m waiting to hear back. If I get accept, our kids are going stay with my parents till I return. I will be gone for 3 months. Then my husband will be returning shortly after I return.

I don’t know. I’m scared to be away from the kids that long.

3 thoughts on “Cassidy- Don’t know…….

  1. 11daisies says:

    I’m glad that her husband is back to his old self and wants his family again. I hope going back to school works out well for Cassidy! I can see how it might be a bit stressful with worrying about her children while she’s gone. I still hope she does it though.

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