Cassidy-Rape *Edit

I start my own cleaning business, called Cassy Classy Cleaning.

Today is my first day with this new client, who moved in next door couple months ago.  His name is Gregg Williamson. We don’t know much about him. He seems to be rich.


Gregg: Good evening Mrs. Roth,

Cassidy: Please call me Cassidy or Cass. Where shall I start?

Gregg: Kitchen needs the cleaning the most.

Cassidy: Okay, I will start there.


I went in the kitchen to start cleaning. It took me 30 minutes to finish. I help unpack the boxes that he had sitting in there. I wonder where his wife and daughter. I saw pictures of them in the living room.


Gregg: You smell so good.

Cassidy: You scared me. Is there something else I can do for you?

Gregg was just standing there staring at me.


Gregg: It’s been a long time since i been near another women.

Cassidy: Where your wife and daughter?

Gregg: They died in a wreck, few years ago.

Cassidy: I’m sorry to hear that. I should get back to work now.


Gregg: Not yet, I want soak in your beauty.

Cassidy: Aww, that sweet, really, I need finish cleaning.


Gregg: You finish when I say.


His body was tone, and smells great. His voice was cold as ice, I was scared for my safely. I knew it was best to give what he wants. All he wanted was be next to women, that what I thought.


I felt it was lifetime, just standing there. I could see the lust in his eyes.

Gregg: Now you are do what I say. Do you understand that?

I nodded yes


He rips my clothes off me, and made me put my hair in bun.


He told me go upstairs to the bedroom and wait. I did what I was told. There was something scary about this man. I was afraid he might kill me.


Then he pulled me down to the floor.

I try to enjoy it. I didn’t want him to harm me.


Then we had sex. 


I scream and moan in pleasure, to my shock, he was good. He reaches places that haven’t been touch. I had orgasm one after another.

Then he told me get on the bed and lay on my stomach. I did. That when he got rough with me.


I told him to stop, but he didn’t listen. He kept telling me to shut up.


Screenshot-65 The pain was unreal.


Then he finish. I was so happy. I notice there was blood all over the bed.


Then he pushes me up against the wall, and then he throws me on the bed.


Gregg: you’re such a whore Cass. You were too easy.

I cover my ears, I wasn’t listening to him. That only made him mad.


Then he punches me in the face, over and over.
I crawl off the bed, and onto the floor. Laid there crying. 


Gregg: I didn’t mean to punch you. You made me mad.

Cassidy: Why because I didn’t want listen to you talk down to me?


Gregg: Before you leave, can you clean up?

I just lay there, crying. I knew no one would believe me. He was rich man, I am nothing.


Gregg: Just tell them, you fell down the stairs, while you were cleaning.

Cassidy: Okay.

Gregg: Same time next week?

Cassidy: Hell no! I’m never coming back over again.

Screenshot-73 Screenshot-76

Gregg: Don’t forget you trip and fell.


Cassidy: Is that your IQ?

Gregg: Good one slut!



I ran home, hoping no one else was home.

Hubby was at the center, and the kids were at school. No one was home, to see my bloody face.


I went into the bathroom, to see my cuts on my face. Then I jump in the shower. I need wash him off me. 

Screenshot-95 Screenshot-98


Stay tune to next time. Gregg will be returning again soon…….

The end! 

3 thoughts on “Cassidy-Rape *Edit

  1. 11daisies says:

    What a horrible experience for her! I bet Cassidy wasn’t the first woman he’s assaulted. I hope he gets what he deserves for abusing and using Cassidy like that! Evil people like him make me so furious!

    Liked by 1 person

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