Cassidy-I’ll be back

It was the day that my sister was bringing her boyfriend over to meet the rest of her family.

I was excited and nervous about the guy. I had weird feeling about it.

I haven’t told anyone about being rape and pregnancy. I was hiding my belly. I was starting to show now.

Hubby came home for the night; after dinner, he has to go back. I was hoping dinner wouldn’t last long, I would be able to have some alone time with him.

I cook few different dishes, I didn’t know what he likes or not.



Then my family started showing up, my moms, sister Lilly, and Mac. We were waiting on Rose to get here. I went to bathroom to make sure my cuts aren’t showing.

Screenshot-33 Screenshot-35

When I came out of the bathroom, in my shock……. My sister was with HIM!! Yes, HIM, as in Gregg.


I stood there shock, unable to move. Then his ice cold eyes look at me. I wanted to die in that second. Thank god, hubby show up.

Rose and Gregg came over to me.

Rose: Sis, this is my man Gregg. Gregg, please meet my sister Cassidy.


Gregg: I’m so happy to meet you, your sister talks about you nonstop.

Cassidy: Oh, Please make yourself at home.

Gregg: Thank you! Can I call you sis? You know, because I am marrying your sister.

Rose: Yes you can snuggle muffin.  *Rose gave Gregg a kiss*


I wanted to kill my sister in that moment. I didn’t want his monster calling me sis or anything matter of fact. I didn’t want him part of my family.

It was time to eat, everyone grab a plate and found a sit somewhere. I try stay away from him.

Screenshot-38 Screenshot-39

After we ate, everyone went out to hang out around the fire. I went inside to use the bathroom. I need to get away from him, for a little bit.


I heard a knock at the door.

Cassidy: Please use the other bathroom in main bedroom.

They knock again.

To my surprise, Gregg was standing there. He push open the door and then shut the door. I’m trap in the damn bathroom with Gregg.


Gregg: You’re pregnant.

Cassidy: Not by you asshole.

Gregg: Yes you are. Don’t lie to me. How far along are you?

Cassidy: Two months.

Gregg: Are you keeping our child?


Cassidy: My child, and I don’t know

Gregg pushes me against the wall.


Gregg: I’ll be back for you.

Then he leaves the bathroom. I try not to cry. I’m scared for my life.

The End! Stay tune to next time!!!!

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