Hopeless for Autumn Adamson 1.0

Welcome to my first Sims 3 legacy.

I love using my cheats and building house of my dream. This is going be hard for me.

Please meet Autumn Adamson


I didn’t spend too much time on her. She is Diva, Dramatic, Artistic, Childish and Family -oriented.

Say HI Autumn!


Autumn: Hi Autumn!!Screenshot-13

I can already see, will be pain in the butt!

She living in EA created world, Appaloosa Plains. I try to used things i normally don’t. I always play in Sunset Valley. Don’t know why.

Autumn: Lets find me a man!

Okay, Let’s go!

I’m so glad Taxi are free.


Autumn: I wanna go swimming!! 🙂

Okay… Maybe there will be some guys!

Nope! I was so wrong!

I let her swim for couple Sims hours. No one show up here.

So, we went have a little free fun.

Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-58

Autumn: Nice horse!


Autumn: weeee!!!!


Are you having fun? We are wasting time..

Autumn: Yes!!

*Eye roll*


Autumn: Don’t judge me!


This ride is loooooooong!

Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66

Okay Autumn, times up hun! Lets go find you a man! Maybe someone rich!

Autumn: but, but, but I’m having fun!Screenshot-67 Screenshot-68


Autumn: bye horse!!

Screenshot-71 Screenshot-72

Autumn:Are you single?

Stranger 1: Nope, I am happily married, but I think your hot.

Move on Autumn! He married.

Autumn: But he thinks I am hot!

Autumn: I’m hungry!

I know where there is free food!

Screenshot-75 Screenshot-77

Autumn: this pie looks good! Smells good!

I think its blueberry or raspberry.

Screenshot-78 Screenshot-80 Screenshot-83 Screenshot-84

You lost to pregnant women.

Autumn:  I try!

Screenshot-85 Screenshot-87

Autumn: I don’t feel so well…..

Don’t throw up!


I’m going end it here for now…..

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