Remaining Hopeless for Autumn Adamson 1.2

Where did i leave off?


Autumn *barf*

Autumn: I think the pie is spoiled..


Are you feeling any better?

Autumn: Yes! I think…

You need go wash your face, i don’t think you’ll find a man looking like that..

Screenshot-91 Screenshot-90

So she goes plays chess with this guy. Brono is his named. He is single. But he is shy…


I seen a popup saying he is single, so i went check him out. He cute, but he damn teenager!

It was getting late, i sent her home to rest.

Next morning she was hungry, so i made her eat free food.. Cereal! She only has $83. I’m trying to make it last.

Screenshot-94 Screenshot-96

I zoom in, it looks nasty!



She meet someone, he is single and his name is Bony..

Weird.. oooh okay!

After they talk for awhile, he got married! WTF!

Move on Autumn!

Autumn: *sad face*

Screenshot-99 Screenshot-100

Autumn: *mouth full of hotdogs*  I loooove hotdogs!Screenshot-101


Are you okay?

Autumn: Yes, i think it went down the wrong way..


Go Autumn! Go Autumn!


Annnd she lost again!


Look he kinda cute! Go talk with him Autumn!


Autumn: Are you single?

Guy: Yes…

Autumn: Great! Wanna dance?

Guy: I’m married!

WTF? Are all the guys married?

Autumn: Oh….


Brono is here! Go talk to him again!

Autumn: The voices in my head wants know if you want go on date with me?

Brono: I have to leave.!

Autumn: Oh okay! Bye!


Two female Sims go in labor at same time! Everyone is freaking out!


Brono: Want dance with me?

Wait, i thought he had to leave?


Autumn: Okay!

Screenshot-109 Screenshot-110

She had wish for heat of the moment kiss..

Someone didn’t like it very well.

Autumn apologize to him! Hurry!!

Autumn: I’m sorry!


Brono: It’s okay.

I want check her message for dating site.

Autumn: Bye!


She had a lot of message after one day. The guy sitting by her message her. So, she went talk to him.

Autumn: ppsst! Its me Autumn, you message me..


Autumn: Are you single?

Stranger: No, I’ve girlfriend.. I’ll leave her for you.


Autumn: My phone is ringing…

Every damm Sims is taken!


I sent her home!

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