Hopeless For Autumn 1.3

I’m back with more updates!!


Will Autumn ever find love? I’m starting think she isn’t. She going be alone forever!

Autumn: Not true! Screenshot

Autumn: Yum, toast and jelly!

Be careful!


Autumn: My first master piece!

You better hope you going bring you so money cause we are down to $12… Autumn, you might need find a job.

Autumn: My job is to find me a rich husband!

hahaha good luck!


Autumn: My butt is cold..

So we are stalking a Sims which seems to be rich and single! Brooke!

Poor Sim, boy named Brooke!

Screenshot-17  Screenshot-4

Autumn: hehe..

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21

Autumn: Can i come in?

Brooke: Sure we only meet online!

Autumn: Thanks!


Brooke: I have a girlfriend with two kids. Are you cool with that?

Autumn: Nooo!


Autumn: You suck like flags!


She went used his computer to check for message!

Brooke made her leave!

Autumn: Hello, Brono. Want meet me at the Library?

Brono: Sure!

Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27 Screenshot-27 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29

Autumn: Great! See you soon.

Sweet! Finally she is getting somewhere with him, and he is SINGLE!!!

Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31


Autumn: I like you!

Brono: I like you!

I didn’t notice, his name change to Ben! That is odd!

Screenshot-118 Screenshot-119

Autumn: I have flowers for you!

Ben: Oh I love them..

Good job Autumn, now we are broke! *Searching through the house, for items to sell*

*Sold some windows* $1,254

I wanna cheat sooo bad!! Motherlode!! Not going too!

I didn’t get pictures of their date. It went well!! About time she finds someone that is single! I notice in this town there is a lot of female Sims, there a small handful of male sims.

Screenshot-104 Screenshot-105

Autumn: I saw a white moster the other day, he jump out and scared me.


Ben: I saw Unicorn!

Autumn: I havent seen one before.



Autumn: I’m tired! Wanna stay the night?

Ben: Dino in the water said no…


Ben: Let’s have a pillow fight!

Autumn: Okay!

*Roll eyes* I don’t see how that is fun. Screenshot-115 Screenshot-116

Autumn: I had great date!

Ben: Me too..


Ben: I had great time with you!


Aww!!  ❤ ❤

Screenshot-122First kiss!Screenshot-123 Screenshot-124

She started crying!

Autumn: *Crying* That was beautiful!

Ben: I’m a great kisser!


She wouldn’t stop crying.

Selfie time!

Screenshot-126 Screenshot-128

I’m going end it here!

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