Hopeless For Autumn 1.4

I’m so happy she found a sim that wasn’t in relationship, and his name starts with B!

I guess name of this is going be Hopeless For Autumn..

I left off where she had perfect first date with perfect first kiss with Ben.


Autumn: Will you be my boyfriend?

Ben: Yes!

Ben started jumping up and down, he was excited.. Weird, but okay.

Screenshot-132 Screenshot-134

Autumn: I know we only been in relationship  for a short time!


Screenshot-137 Screenshot-139

Autumn: Ben will you be my husband?

Ben she is waiting…..


Ben: I’m too tired for marriage.


Really Ben!!

Ben end up staying the night.

He had dream about her.


In the morning I was hoping she ask him to marry her, then get married.. Then bam! Babies!

Nooooo.. He freaking left at 3am.


After she woke up she work on her “master piece”


After he got off work, she invite over.

Screenshot Screenshot-2

Ben why do you like making out in the bushes.


Autumn: You taste good!

Ben: Thanks?


Autumn: Will you marry me?

Ben: YES!!Screenshot-23 Screenshot-25

Finally they are getting married!

Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29

I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs. Adamson.

He moved in and came with $5,000 and five damn dogs!

They moved into his house,


She sold her painting for $34

I didnt get pictures, she was pregnant with first child. Named her Bridgette.

they both had wish to move to new town, which they moved to Lunar Lakes.

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