Between Tate 1

I woke up on the floor, my head is hurting. I feel like I was hit by a train. I look around, I was in bedroom. Where am I?
The door opens, a man enters the room.
“I see you are awake” he said, in his deep voice. “Where am I?” I asked. He said nothing.
He walks closer to me, he reach down. “Are you hurt?” “No, I’m fine. Where am I, and who are you?”
He didn’t answer my question. He checks my cuts on my face. “Are you in pain?” “No” I said again. I can’t help wonder if he going kill me.
He stands up and cross his arm over his chest. He stands there looking at me.  “Please answer my questions” I begging him.
I notice his eyes are glowing. Is he werewolf?
“You will be my wife” he said in mean tone. “I will not be your wife” I said in angry tone.  He laughs at me.
“You have no choice. I will let you out of this room, once I know I can trust you.” As he was leaving the room, he turn back “You will learn to love me”
Then he shuts and locks the door.

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