Between Tate and me 3

I’ve been with him for couple months now. Each morning, I wake up before.. I cook him breakfast. Then I change into the outfit he picks. He does my hair and makeup each day. 

After cooking, cleaning and doing some shopping. He allows me change into comfortable clothes. I watch TV with him before bed. I sleep in another room. 




“Waffles smell great Dear”

“Thank you honey. I need go shopping for clean supples and food for the week.”

“We will see”


Some morning he eats like he animal. 


Each morning I think about giving him poison. 

I still don’t who I am besides my name Lola.

Even if I did kill him, where would I go?


“Don’t even think about it”

“What are you taking about?”



Wait! Can he read my mind? Shit!



“Answer your question, yes I can”


“Lola, Its time to do wife things in bedroom”

“Can it wait…”

“I place some clothes in bathroom for you. Please come to my bedroom after you change”


“I’m scared, I don’t know if i ever been with a man before”


“You look beautiful! I love you Dear!” 


“I’m sorry, I’m shy”


“Don’t be shy. I promise it won’t hurt” 


I did what I was told. How does he have this control over me?!?

“Please get dress. I can take you into town to shop”

“Can I bath first?”



After I bathe, he done my hair and put my makeup on. 



“You look beautiful dear” 

“Thank you!”


“Are you ready to go?”

“Yes I am”

We went into town to do my shopping. I always wonder what people think of us. 

We were walking around the downtown, shopping. He ask me if I need anything for myself. He took me into clothing store, told me pick out anything I want. I got few new outfit. 

As I was shopping he told me he would be right back, he want run into another store while I was shopping. 

I had fun shopping with him. I learn few things about him. He loves to write books, he wrote six books. They are in bookshelf at home. 

I couldn’t wait to read them. I love to read. 


“Thank you for wonderful day of shopping. I will start dinner”

“Before you go to kitchen, I need ask you something.”


“While you were shopping, I went go you something.”

Oh no. I was hoping this day would never come. I didn’t want to marry this man. 

“Dear, would you marry me?”


“Oh my goodness, its stunning.. YES!!”


“I promise to give you the perfect wedding”


“I love the ring! It’s perfect”

“I’m glad you like it.”


We ate dinner, then watch TV. 

I went to bed in my room, soon I will be moving into his bedroom. 

I guess we are going be having kids, after we wed. 

Can werewolf have kids?



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