Tate:  Lola please get ready, I’ve something for you.

I wonder what he has for me. He been gone a lot this week.



Tate: I felt awful about the whole buying you.. I am giving you the freedom to be on your own. You will no longer be living with me.

Lola: This house is for me? How did you pay for it?

Tate: I sold my next book. I got paid a little early for it. I been working on this house for you.


Tate: I will help you on any bills.

Lola: So, you won’t be living with me?

Tate: No hunny.


Tate: This house is yours. I will sign the deed over for the house. I sold the other house. I’m moving into small place.

Lola: Thank you, but I am going miss you.


Tate: I will miss you too. I know I’m going miss your cooking.

Lola: Will you come over often?

Tate: (laugh) Yes.


Lola: I’m scared to live by myself..

Tate: Don’t be. If you need me, call. Let’s go inside the house.


Lola: okay.

Why am I feeling sad that we won’t be living together anymore?!?



Tate: Do you like it?

Lola: Yes, I love it. It’s perfect.

Tate: If it’s not your style, you can change it. I hope you will be happy here.


Tate: This is weird, but I will need my ring back..

Lola: what?!?

Tate: I…. need……..

Lola: Your ring back?


Tate: Yes..

Lola: So, you are breaking up with me?

Tate: Yes….. I am. I’m sorry Lola. But it’s weird for me. I thought I could be happy this way, but I was wrong. I’m sorry.

Lola: Get out Tate!


Tate: Lola, don’t be mad at me. I thought you wanted this..


Tate: Okay.. Call me if you need  anything. I will pay for the bills till you can. I left some money in the bedroom for you.


After Tate left, i took a hot shower. I felt heartbroken, and sad..


I feel like I’ve nothing to live for.


I try to carry on with my life.


It’s been couple months, since I blew up on Tate. I wanted him come over, I need to be with him.



*Ring* *Ring*

Women Voice: Heeellooo? Stop Tate, That tickles.. Anyone there? Hello? I guess not, bye!

I was frozen, I couldn’t speak or move. Who is she? Is she reason why he left me?


I had some many questions and no answer..



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