Saint Harmony 1.1

*Note, I finally finish it!!!*

I march in my boss office, and slam the door shut. I was mad about the new girl making more money than me.


“I need more money; I’ve kids at home to support.”



“I will talk with the owners, Harmony.”



“That isn’t fair, Dan! I have been a dancer here for 5 years. Some hooker comes in yesterday, she somehow making more money than me”



My boss laughs at me, he knows I’m right. I been here longer than any other girl, I dance every night.


“Sweetie, you know they aren’t going give you more money. How can I put this without hurting your feeling? You are old, and they guys are tired of the same act over and over”


“I’m only 25!”



“Yes, but for dancer, you are 90. Honey it time to move on with your life. Maybe you should find a normal 9 to 5 job”


“Jerk! I will find another club to work at. You can go hel…”


The other boss walks in while I was yelling at this jerk. 


“What’s with the yelling?”


 “She was telling me that she will be quitting tonight…”


“I’m sorry to see you go Harmony”




This was there way of firing people.


I walk out of the room, slamming the door hard behind me. I want them to know how mad I was. I went back to my room, to finish getting ready. I was the last girl to dance tonight. Normal nights I would be the first girl, with the new girls, I’m the last show, I only get 15 minutes to dance and hustle to make the money.


I knew I had show more skin to earn the extra money to cover the rest of the bills. I had the perfect outfit to wear.



It was my time to shine, show the owners what they will be missing out on. When it was time for me to come out to stage, I notice the club was empty. There were only 3 men out there.  Maybe they are right, I’m old…





*The club wasn’t created by Kater Creations.The person who create the club is Lori Gibbs*

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