Please check here weekly. I am going post update on the story here.

3/28-I am writing the next part, then I’ve to edit it. I will be taking pictures. I have class tomorrow and Thursday.

3/29- I have to rewrite the next part. I need to build a bank… I found a few that i liked, but they had too much CC. I’m trying to behave on downloading so much CC! I’ve some bad CC, it’s pain in the butt to find them and remove it.

4/1- I am waiting on the bank to be build by another Simmer! 🙂 I should have it post by end of the month. I am going try to have few chapter ready to go.

4/6- Still waiting on the bank to be finish.

4/7-I am working on the story more today. I am linking Cassidy story with St. Harmony. This can still change. While waiting on the bank to be finish, I am going do Q&A on others writers. 🙂

Stay tune for more drama. 🙂

4/11-I need rewrite the next chapter.

4/15-Finishing the pictures tonight. I should have it post tonight or tomorrow.

4/18-I had few chapter wrote, and edit. Somehow I lost the file on my computer. Even my pictures are gone!

Since I’m rewriting the story. It going take me awhile to redo everything that I lost.

Stay tune for more updates!

11/15- Cancelled

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