Single Father Challenge Rules

Single Father Challenge was created by KatiellaGaming.  You can check out the full rules on the forumStolen from Gixxergirl

I will be playing on normal life span.  The rules state your single father should stay at a friends or a shelter when he gets kicked out on his own. I’m not sure if the game will let you stay at a friend when you have a baby to take care of.  I decided to purchase a lot and then reduce his simoleons to zero to begin the challenge.  That way he is starting out with nothing as the rules state.

The challenge goals are listed below:

(Father) Young adult/ Adult
• Complete 1 or more skills
• Complete 2 aspiration (Family Oriented & Skill/Job)
• Level 10 in career
• Relationship bar full with Son/Daughter
• Best friends with Son/Daughter

When Son/Daughter is a Baby
• (Father) Can only go to work 3-4 times a week
• (Father) Needs to stay home and take care of baby the other days
• Baby can only go to daycare while father is at work

When Son/Daughter is a Child
• complete aspiration
• max 1 or more skills
• attend school, complete homework and have an A in school

When Son/Daughter is a Teenager/Young Adult
• (Teen) must attend school and complete homework
• (Teen) A in school
• (Teen) can get a Part-Time job to help with money
• (Young Adult) Full-Time job
• Complete aspiration & skill(s)

• Earn more than $25,000

• Build/Buy a house worth $20,000 – $30,000 +

Challenge Completed When
• Lives in a livable home worth $20,000 -$30,000 +
• (Father) Completed 2 aspirations (Family Oriented & Skill/Job)
• (Father) Level 10 in a career
• (Baby as a child) Competed aspiration & Skill
• (Baby as child) A in school
• (Baby as teen) A in school
• (Baby as teen) Part-Time job
• (Baby as a young adult) Full- Time job
• Great Father and son/daughter relationship (Best Friends/ full relationship bar)

Challenge Failed If
• Any of the rules were broken
• Father doesn’t max skill and/or complete 2 aspirations
• Father doesn’t reach level 10 in career
• Child (son/daughter)does not max a skill and/or complete an aspiration before becoming a teenager
• Teen/Young adult (son/daughter) does not max a skill and/or complete an aspiration
• Not enough money to live
• Didn’t become successful enough according to the rules

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