*Note! Blue is Will speaking, and the pink is Harmony. I notice I’m kinda sucking at this story. I’m wondering, should I finish or move on again..*


Today is my first date with Will. I’m a little nervous and excited for tonight. 



“Hey babe!”

“Hey, hot stuff.!”


“You smell good again.”


“Are you trying tell me, that I stink?”

“Oh no Harmony”

I love to tease this man. 

“Are you ready babe?”

“Yes. My sister is here to watch my babies”




“Can I get a beer and whatever my pretty lady is having”



“Dance with me.”

“Anything for you pretty lady”



We dance the night away. Before we both knew it, it was almost 5:00 am. 

He drove me home, and walk me to my door. 


“I’m beat. I had great time tonight”

“Me too. I was hoping we could have dinner tomorrow at my place. Bring the kids”


This will be the last update for awhile.

There was a zombie dancing!



I couldn’t help to laugh. Have you seen a zombie in the club?


Autumn has tattoo’s. Speaking of her crazy butt. I need switch over sometime soon. Screenshot-23.jpg




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