The Working Girl Challenge Sims 3

The Working Girl Challenge | Sims 3

Hello! So, I’m sure a similar “Working Girl” challenge has probably been written, but these are MY rules for the one I came up with.  I’m very excited and I think it’ll be fun. Of course, it’s “Adult” themed. Prostitution isn’t something to take lightly. But I treat The Sims like writing or reading books, and not every book is going to have a happy ending… 

Challenge Rules & Guidelines:

  • Begin the challenge by starting out with a poor teen (a pet for company is optional). They’ll live in a run-down house with §0 and attend high school with the goal of earning A’s. Download a taxi charge mod (or buy a pink flamingo per taxi use). Dumpster diving and salvaging objects at junkyards will be their only source of income at this point. Teen Prostitution is optional, depending on how comfortable you are about the subject. If comfortable, use Nraas’ Kama Simtra mod to begin practicing your lovin’. Or send them to a bar once nighttime to “strip” (aka dance), and they’ll be paid §60 per “stripping” hour.

*If not comfortable with Teen Prostitution, the challenge will officially begin once aged into a Young Adult. They can only age up after achieving an A in school. Anything less than an A grade would be considered a fail.

  • Now, your Sim wants to attend college, get an education and a successful career! But earning a degree (as well as improving your house and getting by in life) costs money, so your Sim’s main source of income will be prostitution. Junkyards are still acceptable, but you can only salvage or dumpster dive 3 times per week. You can continue to work on skills and hobbies, but any hobby that will bring in money (like painting or writing books to sell) is forbidden.
  • Register as a Professional (Prostitution) using NRaas’ mods WooHooer & Kama Simtra. You can edit and adjust how much money you want to be paid per session, but try to keep it realistic and difficult. The more you improve your “Sex Skill” the more you will be paid.
  • Your Sim needs to be highly acquainted with their clients before WooHoo. Risky or Try for Baby is optional. If you want to make it more stressful, do risky and see if you’ll get pregnant or not.
  • Your Sim is allowed to have regular/familiar clients, but they can’t WooHoo with the same Sim more than once per day.
  • Your Sim CAN have a steady relationship from teen to Young Adult if you so choose… but it’s doubtful their partner will understand. Obviously they won’t get paid for having sex with their partner.
  • For variety, your Sim can also “strip” dance at bars. *If your Sim is a Party Animal or had a drink, they’ll be able to dance on countertops… a scantily clad outfit would probably be a good idea. Each hour your Sim dances for, they’ll get paid (manually), and if you install the “Show Hidden Skills” mod, you can pay your Sim more with higher the dance skill. Start out with §60 per hour. If another Sim wants to dance with you, or watches you dance on the counter, you can double the amount that you’re normally paid.
  • For extra variety, your Sim can also “escort” which means dating in the Sims world. If a Sim calls and asks you on a date, or writes you a love letter, you can go on a date with them. They simply enjoy your beautiful company, so sex or anything romantic is optional and not required. Feel free to dine at a fancy restaurant and spend as much money as you want because, at the end of the date, whether a bad date or a great date, you will earn back any money spent on the date – he’s paying for you, after all – so be sure to keep track of how much money you spend in order to reimburse yourself. If the date was “Great” and they get the “Great Date” moodlet, add an extra §200.
  • After obtaining enough money for college, you can go! This is where your Sim will finally have a break from their “Working Girl” ways, and they will focus on their studies, making friends, and having fun. While in college, they can take advantage of money opportunities – get a student day job, apply for academic funds, do dares, etc. Prostitution is still optional, though, but your Sim deserves a break from their crazy life!

*Continue to work your way through college until you earn a degree and start your career… that is when being a Working Girl is no longer a requirement and – congrats – you’ve completed the challenge. Your Sim can now do whatever they choose in life, whatever their story is…


Working Girl

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