Welcome to another Kater Creations story.

This will be the second part to Cassidy story, if you don’t remember the story or never read it. Go check it out. I’ll wait till your finish. Okay? Done! Great! Let’s get the show on the road….


For my 18th birthday, my father paid for one year of rent in Bridgeport to find my mother. They meet at bar, and my Dad said it was love at first sight. His face always lights up when he talk about her.

They sent every waking moment together, and they talk about getting married and starting a family. She found out at the end of the summer that she was pregnant with me. My father said, she change a lot. They barely spoke to each other or see each other.

She gave birth to me and drop me off at my father apartment door. She left a note saying “I’m sorry”.

My father pack up and moved back to Sunset Valley.


I was raised in Sunset Valley. I’m a good girl, I never done anything bad. I have always done the right things.

My friends on the other hand wasn’t a good girl.


“Dad, we made it. The house is amazing Dad!”

“I’m glad you love it! Remember our deal. You’ve one year there to find her. You will have to find a job to pay for the other bills. I only paid the rent there. When you get back, you need to go to college. I love you sweetheart. Please stay good, and don’t do anything that will get you knock up or in jail.”

“Really Dad?!?! You should know me by now that I won’t anything like that. I love you too Daddy. I will see you in a year.”



Thank goodness, my best friend Autumn move with me! I couldn’t do this without her.




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