I got a job at Second Hand Shop to help pay for our bills.


I’ve been working here for a month now. The shop isn’t busy. Most day’s I’m just standing around or dusting the old items.

“We are closing on 10 minutes.”


“Hey. You wouldn’t happen to buy items?”


“We don’t buy. You can donate them, and 10% of the sale goes to local homeless shelters”


“Oh cool, no thanks then.We are having a party tonight. Would you like to come?”


“Umm, Can I bring a friend?”

I have been a bit down and lost. I didn’t know where to start on the hunt, finding my mom. Only information I knew was her named was Cassidy Roth. She was around the age of 50. Where do I begin on my search??? My Dad said, I need give up and come back home. I’m not ready throw in the towel and move back home.  Maybe going to party would cheer me up.

“Yes, as long it’s not your boyfriend. Here the address. I hope you came tonight.’


When I arrive home after a long day, I need a shower so bad, after bring around old, dusty items. You start to smell like them.


Autumn was in the living room, working out. She was a fit nut. She loves working out and eating healthy. I love eating my junk food and being thick.


“Hey Autumn! Some guys came into the shop today. They invite me to a party. Would you go with me?.”

“I would love too, but I’ve a date……. You should go without me.”


“Ugh! I don’t want to go without you. Cancel the date and come party with me! Please!!”

“Mary I would love too but, I really like him. What if, we came to the party our date?”


“Fine! Help me pick out something cute to wear,”

It took me forever to pick out something cute to wear. Is it weird that I have never had a boyfriend? I was always to busy with my nose in a book, then into boys. Autumn on the other hand, has been with few guys. She has an 11 month old daughter. Her daughter name is Mandy and she lives with her adopted parents. Autumn gets see her once a year, if she wants to. She doesn’t want to.

Since I have never been to party, I wasn’t sure if I should be on time or late. Autumn left for her date, I couldn’t ask her.

I waited till it was one hour after the party started before showingup. It didn’t take long to find the house. I was shock on how close it was to my house.  The house wasn’t pretty like mine. It look ran down. The yard was a mess. I park my car on the street.

I slowly watch up the house. I knock on the door.

“Hey girl, I didn’t think you were going make it”


“I’m Ezra Broussard by the way.”

“I’m Mary-Ann. Everyone calls me Mary for short.”

“Come in”

I walk into the house, it had a weird smell. It was making feel weird. We went downstairs. There was two girls and three guys to hanging out.

“Hey guys this is Mary. She my new friend.”


They all said hey at the same time.


“Mary feel free make your self at home. We have drinks over there. and we have plenty of goodies on the table.”


I had a blast drinking with my new friends and dancing the night away.










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