It’s hard to believe we been here for 3 months now.

I barely done research on finding my mom. My dad rarely calls me now. Last time we spoke on the phone, we had a fight about me moving back home and giving up my dream.

It was mid summer and our AC quit working. It was hot!

I sent Ezra a text message. I felt bad, because I haven’t seen him in a month. He used text me daily, not so much now.  We went on few dates. There was a lot of kissing but nothing else. I like him a lot, and he like me a lot too!




Later that night.



I was happy he show up. I was looking forward to spending alone time with him. He wasn’t alone. He came with another girl. I remember her from the party, he invite me to.


“Hey Mary, Thanks for the invite. I was hoping to hear from you again.”



Something inside of me want rip her face off. Claim him as mine!

Am I jealous?!?! Crap!


I walk away angry.


“What’s wrong?”


I wasn’t able to answer before I started crying.

“I thought you like me..”

“Oh baby, I do like you a lot. I have missed you like crazy. I want give you space.”

“Why did you bring your girlfriend with you?”



Ezra started laughing, which made me more upset.

“She isn’t my girlfriend. She my best friend.  Plus she is gay.”

I felt happy! He was all mine!

We hung out at the pool, just talking like we have been friends for many, many years.




He invite another friend over to hang out with us. I was hoping he and Autumn would hit it off.



Turns out there were the perfect match.

We had blast today.

We had some drinks and chase each other around the yard.

“Hey Mary, I need ask you something.”



“Well, I was hoping you would be my girlfriend?”







*Note: I thought I post this last week. Oops!*





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