*I got lazy on taking pictures*



When we got back to my house, there was a moving van in the front yard. There was a note on the door.


I already knew what the note said. Ezra got o it before me.


“Mary, I will see you home. Love Dad” Ezra had a confused look on his face.


“Well, Long story short, my dad is control freak?!?” “I moved here for the year, I was supposed to move back home after a year, to start college. I meet you, and my plans change. I still want go school, but I don’t want move back home.” That was a lie. I didn’t want go college, not right now. I want see where my relationship is going with Ezra first. I didn’t tell him the part about my mom. It didn’t feel right. I kind of, face it that she didn’t love me.Screenshot-157.jpg


“So?” “What happens now?”


“Shit, I don’t know. I won’t have money to pay for the rent here.”


“So, does that mean your homeless?” Ezra had huge smile on his face.


“Kind of, yes.”


“This is perfect; I just got my own place. You can move in with me. Autumn can move in with my friends. I mean our friends now. This is perfect Mary! I love you”


“Oh, you love me?”


“Yes, I love you Mary-Ann”


“I love you too, I will move in with you”


“I moved to Glendale, It’s only 15 minute drive from here.”


We pack all of our stuff and put in the moving van. Autumn wasn’t very happy with me. She moved back home. I was sad to see her leave, but I knew she miss her family. Our friendship wasn’t the same after moving here.


Ezra drove the van to our new house. He didn’t have anything for the house; it didn’t mind the place looking girly. He was happy about us being together.





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