My dad was mad, when I never came home. He told me that I’m wasting my life away on stupid boy. That will never love me. I was deeply hurt by his words. I will never be able to forget him.

******************Flash forward******************************************

A lot has happen within the years. I no longer talk to Autumn or my father. My father hasn’t try to contact me since I stop letting him control my life.

Ezra ask me to marry him.


Then I found out that I am pregnant, we are having a girl. We are going name her Emma-Lynn.


We moved into a bigger house!   Ezra is playing for sports for a living. He is on soccer team. He is doing very well. I’m going be stay at home mom. I start writing a book about the my boring life, and my search of my mom.

It hard to believe my baby is 3 years young now. She makes my life so much better. We both are madly in love with her. We have been trying for second baby.





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