“Hey babe! Where are you?”

“I’m in Emma room!”


My honey walk in the door with huge smile on his cute face! I love how happy he makes me. Everything to him is so exciting!

“What’s up?”


“You are looking at the newest, hottest lead soccer player!”


“That wonderful! I’m so proud of you!”


“We should take a vacation for the weekend?!?”

“Oh where?”

“I can’t tell you! You will love it!” “I will pack our bag. ”


I went back to helping Emma put the blocks into her toy. She grewing up so fast. It makes me sad.


While Ezra was loading  up the car, I was fighting Emma. She hate being in her carseat. Anytime we have go anywhere, she will hide. She getting good at hiding. We are late to doctor appointments.


She would come out of hiding for her daddy. She is a daddy girl.

Our drive was’t too bad. Emma-lynn got out of her carseat, so i held her for the rest of the drive.


“So, where are we going?”

“Babe, I can’t tell you”

“What about an clue?”


“Something you never done before.”

“That doesnt help.”

“You are cute!” “I love you Mary-Ann.”

“I love you!”

He took us camping for the weekend. Something we talk about doing while Emma was young. We haven’t had time for it till now.

‘Hey babe!”

“Yes hun?”


“Wanna play some ball with me?”

“I’m not good like you are, but sure.”


We had a great time camping. Emma was enjoying playing in the grass, and catching bugs.

Ezra and Emma went to bed. I clean up our mess before I went to bed.

“Mary!””Honey!””Mary, where are you?”

*ring, ring, ring* “Hey this is Mary, I’m not around my phone, please  leave an message. I will return it soon as I can”




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