Missing Alissa Continues-

The first blog I start to follow and read was Alissa Continues.

She has been missing from her blog for a year now. This isn’t like herself. She always kept her reader updated on what’s going on. She hasn’t login her facebook for a year now.

It makes me sad, and I worry about her. I hope she is okay.

Update: She has mark her page private and she delete her Facebook account and Tumlr page.



3 thoughts on “Missing Alissa Continues-

  1. Forbidden fruit 🇹🇷 (@AliceInTurkey30) says:

    her blog is be protected by herself now. I guess she is lost her inspration or she forced to end the story in this way, or real life made her busy, so she cannot made continue. I love her story too, but I mean alissa become a grandmother more soon and her children grow up mostly, so everybody kinda had happy endings now. Im hope she will come soon, when she has a spare time for herself and game.

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    • Fibijean says:

      All the older kids got a happy ending, but unfortunately we never got to see Aiden’s or Joy’s stories tie up satisfactorily.
      I have read the full story many times, and that’s what I really miss about it since it became protected – I can no longer go back and read the stories I love 😦

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