Life is B*%#! – Chapter 1 – Love is deadly

A/N- So here we are again. Another story that I won’t be finishing.. Or will I? I am on vacation and I need a break from schooling. I got my old breast up and running again. I had this story line stuck in my head. The story will be told from the main Sim point of view. (Maaybe?!?)



I lost my wife from a deadly diseases, depression. We meet when we were 9 years old. I was the new kid, I was on the shy side. She was very outgoing and she loved to talk. She didn’t care that I didn’t talk too much. I rather just sit there and listen to her. We used to go fishing after school. It was the only time that she didn’t talk.


Our friendship grew into romance. I remember the day I asked her to be my girlfriend. I was scared to ask her. She laugh when I ask her. She said yes of course. She change after her parents got divorce. Her father cheated on her mother with another women. He been seeing her for couple years. She looked up to her father, until the day she found out that he was cheating. Amy became quite, and depressed. I was never to sure if she was going to have a good day or bad day.


Two years year. Amy asked if we could take a break from our relationship. She wanted to go to New York for a year. She wanted to see what else there was outside of our small town. I didn’t want to lose her. I agree to the break. I gave her promise ring that after a year apart. We will get back together and have a happy life.

When she return after the year. Amy was happy again. She was back to her outgoing, talking self again. Our relationship was better than ever. I ask her to marry me and to move in with me right away. She moved into my little one bedroom house. She turn the house into a home. We quickly got married at the courthouse.

Then, she became depressed again. I came home one day and she had shaved her beautiful hair off. She was still hot without her long hair. It made me fall more in love with her more. The next day, I came home with her on the floor, not breathing. She was turning blue. I dialed 911 so quickly. They rush her to the hospital.


The doctor came  in the waiting room. When I saw the doctor. I already knew what she had to say.

“I am sorry to tell you this. We try everything to save your wife. I am sorry. Would you like to say your goodbye to her?”

“Yes, please. What did she do?”


“We are unsure right now. We will run some test to confirm. I believe it was an overdose. Has she ever been treated for depression?”

“Yes. She seems to be really happy. She quit seeing her doctor and taking her medication.”

She was the love of my life. I have never loved someone so deeply.























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