It’s been a while since I post anything on here. A lot has happen within the last six month.

I accepted my demon (Mental Health). I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. I was place on medication and I take CDB oil to help. Oh boy the lovely side effects of the medication. I think, I see a bird. I know the bird isn’t real. My short term memory isn’t at its best. I forget a lot more lately. It all side effects of my medications.

We sold our house because of the people next door. Then we brought another house. I like it here. It’s a big house.

And finally, the virus.. I am still working because stores still need food. People need to eat. It got me thinking… About Sims! I download Mod for the Sims 4 zombie mod

Update 4/8/2019

I notice I have been getting views a lot lately. I want to say HI to the new people who has been popping in to look at my post/stories.

I am still around, I am sure some of you already know. I like everything that is posted by the people I follow.

My gaming laptop is dying… It was a used computer anyways. It has work perfectly until the new windows update. Now I am lucky if it turns on. I have taken to computer shops. They say everything looks great. It works for them. When I bring it back home, it will work for a short time. Then it will get too hot and turn off.. 😦

I have saved some money for a new computer but I don’t want to spend the money on it. Yes, I am weird.

Beside all of that, I am still working on finishing my High School. I was a drop out when I was 17 years. Person reasons, I rather not talk about. I wish, I done better.

I am have been busy with work, home life and school. I haven’t played Sims in a month now. 😦 I want to play more often. I have mod out my game. On the bright side, my 10-year-old son, LOVES Sims!

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