Happy late Turkey Day and Happy black Friday sales!

This is going be hard, I’ve my cat Tiger


He my old kitty, he is 11 years old. Hard to believe its been 11 years since I saved him.

Back to madness of Autumn.




Autumn: I think the answer is bark, the duck goes bark.

Bridgette: No mom, the duck doesn’t go bark. It meow.

Autumn: I didt go school, so I think it barks.

*roll eyes* Wrong and wrong. Duck doesnt meow or bark. It moos!

Just kidding.


Whatcha doing Ben Jr?

Benly: Playing with dolls.



Autumn: Can you guess what i’m painting now?

Picture of yourself?

Autumn: cheater!


Autumn: I think we should woohoo one more time..

Jean: Oh okay.

they go into the shower and woohoo. I’ve the risky woohoo mod install. Can you say more babies!!


Jean: Damn kids!

Hey now, that color looks great on you..


Bella: The voice forgot my name, she had go back and look it up.

Not true! I wanted make sure I was right.

Bridgette: What are you talking about?

Bella: Never mind!


Autumn: i’m so hungry, but i should finish this..


Autumn: Finish!


Autumn: Not again! No more babies!


At least you know that your pregnant again..




Autumn: I…….hate………you..



Omg! i forgot this baby name.. Oops!

She is Bailey..

Jean: See you pee in this.. Screenshot-20.jpg


Bailey: Stop taking my pictures while I poop!

Sorry, but you are so cute!


That will be the last for now!


Where is your shirt?

Autumn: I dunno.

Today is Bailey birthday!



She didn’t learn how talk or walk.. Just lovely..

Couple days later in Sims time. Benly birthday was next..


My poor robot died.. Did you know they can die too? She got hit by lighting..


Benly looks like his dad.


Benly: I wish for *brother*



Autumn went into labor on Benly birthday..

What this? What?!? Never seen this before..



Autumn: Nope.. Guess again!

Noooo!! Oh my gosh, noooooooooooooo!


Autumn: One baby…

Sorry I forgot the names of the babies. I’ll have go into game to get them.


After she came home from having 3 babies, it was her birthday. They have too much cake now! I’m glad it doesn’t spoiled.





Bridgette: Yes! My mom is still hot!


Liebster Award


I’m shock to received this. Thank you so much quackermole. I feel so special. 🙂

I want say THANK YOU!! I’m huge fan of your blog. I love seeing your updates!



  1. Thank the lovely person who nominated you!
  2. Display the award on you blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
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Seems easy.

  1. What did you have for breakfast?  What did you choose it? I skip breakfast, I went shopping with my brothers and son. 
  2. What’s your favourite word?  biscuit licker 
  3. What is your first experience with the Sims? The Sims 1 on PS2
  4. Tell me a joke! (A good one please, I need to boost my repertoire) ^_^


  1. Do you have any childhood toys/games that you still love? NES-Mario Bros 3
  2. What is the song you most recently listened to? Was it worth it? Tech 9- Kcmo 
  3. Baked cheesecake, or non-baked cheesecake? Why? All.. I love cheesecake. 
  4. Favourite quote? Can’t think of anything. 
  5. If buffaloes are vegetarian, and I’m a vegetarian, does that make me a buffalo? Not sure?
  6. Are you a kindle or physical book person? What are you reading at the moment? I’m not reading anything right now. I do love books. 
  7. Do you prefer the name Beatrix or Maxine? Maxine


Now to choose 5-11 other blogs… In no particular order…

Alissa– Love the story, easy to follow. I catch myself yelling at the screen. lol. Love baby Skylar.

Frost Legacy– Another great story, I enjoy the story a lot.

paradis legacy I’m dying for another update!

Trip– the writing is amazing!

I’m typing this with one hand, because my cat is sleeping on me..

Annnd my last one is……*insert drum roll*

megg sims– Another wonderful story!

The truth is, everyone has great stories. I wanna give everyone that i follow this Award.

I forgot questions…

1.Do you have any pets?

2. What kind of music do you like?

3. Are you fan of TS4?

4. Jokes?

5.What country or state are you in?


Happy Late Turkey Day!

Not your happy ever after

Today wasn’t my normal day. Today was the big day I go see my crazy doctors. To talk about my feeling and what happen with Dan, and Ben. Talk about my four failed marriages. That should be exciting to talk about.


When I went into my appt, she could tell I wasn’t excited to be here, and I was nervous. She tries to tell me to relax and talk about anything. What cause my melt down? Ha-ha melt down.

It started after my two failed marriage, I felt doom and hopeless, that when I meet Dan, he was tall, handsome, with dark hair, blue eyes, and tattoos. Oh boy he was smoking hot. I fell in love with him after couple dates. I know it was soon, but I felt he was my soul mate; he was perfect in every single way.

After dating for a year, we married and had two daughters together. Our oldest is named Roxy and our youngest is name Sarah. We were married for 11 years when the demon came back and took his life. What I didn’t know a year before we meet he had stage 2 cancers. He was in the clear, after we meet he stop going to the doctor for his checkup. I remember the day the doctor told us he had a week to a month of living. That day, he pile into our van and drove the beach, we need to relax and tell our kids about the news.

Dan lived a year before he end his own life. The doctors were shock that he lived a year. Each day was harder than the last; he was in a lot of pain each day.

I fell into the dark hole, the man I was supposed to grow old with died, and there was nothing I could do about it. After I drop the girls off at school, I would go to his grave and sit there and talk to him, like he could hear me.

I was napping on his grave one afternoon, that when I meet Ben. He woke me up and ask what I was doing there. I’m sure he thought I was crazy. He asks me if I wanted grab a cup of coffee. I agreed, we sit there in the diner drinking our coffee and talking like we were old friends. We stay there till it was time for me pick up my girls from school. We trade numbers.

It wasn’t till two years after Dan died, Ben and I became closer. We got married, and the girls were happy to have him as step-dad. The girl’s often refers him as Dad. He prefers to be called Step-dad. He loved the girls as his own.

He was married once before me, his wife; son and daughter were killed in car wreck few years before we meet.

I thought this was my happy ever after. I was so wrong about that. He also had demon that I didn’t know about.

We weren’t married for long, when I notice there was something wrong with him. He wasn’t his self anymore. He was staying out late and coming home drunk. You could tell he wasn’t only drunk, he was also high.

Ben used have drinking and drug problem. He was the reason for the wreck. After his family died, he clean his self-up and try to do the right things.

I will never know what cause him to snap. One night after the kids went to bed; I pack all of his stuff and place it out front. He hasn’t been home in days. I didn’t know if he was alive or dead. I contact his brother; he came and got his brother stuff. He also helped me change the locks on the house.

Couple months later, I found out I was pregnant again. I drove to shady part of town, I wanted tell him to his face. I had a little hope this would change him.

I knock on the door and waiting till he answers the door, which it felt like a lifetime. He open the door just a little to see who was there. What I seen of him, he change so much. He wasn’t the man I used to know.

I scream, I’m pregnant at him. He told me go away, and then slams the door in my face. I was pounding on the door and screaming at him to open the damn door. I drop to my knees crying in the hallway of his apartment. Begging for him to open the door and come with me, I will take him to rehab.

I had our daughter, I named her Merlin. She look just like her dad. Ben didn’t come around to see her.

Merlin was now a toddler and she was smart, beautiful girl. Roxy was about to finish high school. Sarah had two more years left of high school.

I took the girls out of school early, it was their dad birthday. We went to his favorite place. It was cute, quite place. The girls were chatting away while I was checking my email from my phone. I was zone out, when someone place their hands on my shoulder. I jump out of my skin, then I turn around there was my Ben. Standing there looking like his own self, I jump up and hug him so tight. He hugs me back, we both were crying.


We chatted like old friends again.


We got married for the second time. We had another child together, we had a son. We named him Ben after his dad.


Our kids are all grown up, and starting their own families now.


Ben and I grew old together. We died together in same bed, at the same time.


Happy ever after!


(Might update with pictures from Sims 3)