I got a job at Second Hand Shop to help pay for our bills.


I’ve been working here for a month now. The shop isn’t busy. Most day’s I’m just standing around or dusting the old items.

“We are closing on 10 minutes.”


“Hey. You wouldn’t happen to buy items?”


“We don’t buy. You can donate them, and 10% of the sale goes to local homeless shelters”


“Oh cool, no thanks then.We are having a party tonight. Would you like to come?”


“Umm, Can I bring a friend?”

I have been a bit down and lost. I didn’t know where to start on the hunt, finding my mom. Only information I knew was her named was Cassidy Roth. She was around the age of 50. Where do I begin on my search??? My Dad said, I need give up and come back home. I’m not ready throw in the towel and move back home.  Maybe going to party would cheer me up.

“Yes, as long it’s not your boyfriend. Here the address. I hope you came tonight.’


When I arrive home after a long day, I need a shower so bad, after bring around old, dusty items. You start to smell like them.


Autumn was in the living room, working out. She was a fit nut. She loves working out and eating healthy. I love eating my junk food and being thick.


“Hey Autumn! Some guys came into the shop today. They invite me to a party. Would you go with me?.”

“I would love too, but I’ve a date……. You should go without me.”


“Ugh! I don’t want to go without you. Cancel the date and come party with me! Please!!”

“Mary I would love too but, I really like him. What if, we came to the party our date?”


“Fine! Help me pick out something cute to wear,”

It took me forever to pick out something cute to wear. Is it weird that I have never had a boyfriend? I was always to busy with my nose in a book, then into boys. Autumn on the other hand, has been with few guys. She has an 11 month old daughter. Her daughter name is Mandy and she lives with her adopted parents. Autumn gets see her once a year, if she wants to. She doesn’t want to.

Since I have never been to party, I wasn’t sure if I should be on time or late. Autumn left for her date, I couldn’t ask her.

I waited till it was one hour after the party started before showingup. It didn’t take long to find the house. I was shock on how close it was to my house.  The house wasn’t pretty like mine. It look ran down. The yard was a mess. I park my car on the street.

I slowly watch up the house. I knock on the door.

“Hey girl, I didn’t think you were going make it”


“I’m Ezra Broussard by the way.”

“I’m Mary-Ann. Everyone calls me Mary for short.”

“Come in”

I walk into the house, it had a weird smell. It was making feel weird. We went downstairs. There was two girls and three guys to hanging out.

“Hey guys this is Mary. She my new friend.”


They all said hey at the same time.


“Mary feel free make your self at home. We have drinks over there. and we have plenty of goodies on the table.”


I had a blast drinking with my new friends and dancing the night away.









CASSIDY STORY-End as we know it




A lot has change with in the ten years since I was murder by my rapist. My body was found 7 years ago. My case hasn’t been closed yet. My family has doubt about the police finding my killer. 

Mom died two years ago from overdose. My mom Alex is in the hospital. She doesn’t have much time left. All of the drugs and alcohol, damage her body.

My poor husband is raising our children alone. He did meet someone, but he too scared to get close to her.  She treats my children like her own. She respects me as their mother. She reminds my kids, that I am their mother, not her.

My first born baby Jessi, he married his girlfriend Megan. They both finish college and now they are raising their little family on their own. They have one child and another on the way. They don’t know it yet. 

Sammie, my little girl is all grown up. She didn’t turn out as any parent would hope.  She dances at the local club. She has three kids, and the fathers aren’t around. 

James came out gay to the family. I always knew it was. He is in college to become a doctor. He doesn’t remember me. He was only 10 when I died. He is in long term relationship with a boy. 

Rose left Greg some time ago. She had been doing great on her own. 

Lilly is married with two boys. She is a stay at home mom. Her husband is football player. She has the perfect life. 

Little old Mac, my youngest sibling, who owns our mom beach house. His “off and on” girlfriend lives there too. 

Stay tune for more!



I found a challenge I would like to try in Sims 4.

Post on YouTube!


*Please note, I didn’t come up with this!!!!*

I’ve just started making and playing my decades challenge on YouTube and the rules are too long for the description box. I figured here would be the perfect place to put them so I can link to them. It’s still a work in progress (particularly the last 3 decades), but here goes.

You start in the 1890’s (I downloaded a bunch of appropriate clothing just to add to the feel) and I wanted to show the changing world in real time, which means the challenge starts out with some limits to marriage in regards to race and gender. You can totally choose to ignore those and any other rules, these are just the things I am playing with. Each new decade starts with the children growing into young adults (or teens if you prefer)

May only marry within their ethnicity
May only marry and have a relationship with opposite gender
Outside toilets
No electricity (Lighting is a problem here, use candles or lanterns)
Must always ‘try for a baby’ no just woohooing
Girls born may only have the creativity bonus
Women take care of the children and tidy the house, may help garden
Female children may only move out once married.
Male heirs only, if there are no boys, a married girl’s husband may inherit
Wooden furniture only (No upholstered beds only quilts and blankets)
Old fashioned stove and fridge (I downloaded a pantry item to help with the aesthetics)
No showers only bathtubs
No jobs, money made through gardening, painting or woodworking
Wooden walls and floors
House must only be decorated with impressionist or classic paintings
(Must have a cow plant ready for the 1910’s so start now)

Indoor plumbing (Still no showers)
Electric lighting allowed
Upholstery allowed
Wallpaper allowed
Phonograph music player allowed
Jobs allowed (males only)
Business career to level 6
Culinary to level 5
Entertainer – musician branch full career open

1910’s war years
Male children ‘go off to war’ at adulthood (feed to cowplant, randomise through dice rolling – odds die, evens survive)
Male children must take one of the following characteristics at adulthood (Assuming they have been to war and have suffered trauma)
Hot headed
Men of the family cannot work until they transition from young adulthood to adulthood (You may wish to move them to a separate household until this happens, then invite them over once a week to simulate wartime leave)
Carpets allowed
Painted walls allowed
Men that marry the female children must also ‘go to war’ (Allowed one chance to have a baby first)
Jobs (Male only)
Business – Management branch
Culinary – Chef branch
Entertainer – Musician branch
Painter – both branches

1920’s Womens rights
Women can be chosen to inherit
Women can work as a painter or musician until Children arrive
Careers opened
Criminal (bootleggers) – Boss branch
Culinary (bootleggers) – Mixologist branch

1930’s Great depression
Anyone in a career loses their job and must make money by scavenging through the neighbourhood for 2 weeks of game time
Careers lost (business)
Bills may only be paid after the electricity has been cut off (Water too if you want a harder version)
All sims reaching adulthood in this era must take one of the following traits:

1940’s WWII
Male children ‘go off to war’ at adulthood (feed to cowplant, randomise through dice rolling – odds die, evens survive)
Male children must take one of the following characteristics at adulthood(Assuming they have been to war)
Hot headed
Men of the family cannot work until they transition from young adulthood to adulthood (You may wish to move them to a separate household until this happens, then invite them over once a week to simulate wartime leave)
Women must now work in one of the following careers:
Athlete – Body builder career (Working as a health advisor to the government)
Painter – Master of the real (Working as a propaganda minister)
Culinary – Mixologist (Working as a pub landlady) Chef (Minister for food/agriculture)
Entertainer – Either (Entertaining the troops)
Every house must now own a radio and someone must listen for one hour a day
Every house must have a garden (Dig for victory)
One hot cooked meal per person per day, all other hunger must be dealt with produce from the garden

1950’s Korean war
First male child gets conscripted, first female child becomes a volunteer nurse, both get fed to the cowplant at adulthood after choosing one of the war characteristics from the 1st and second world war
Cheapest TV Available – only shows programmes from 6-10am and 6-12pm
Cheapest pc available – Only used for writing
Athlete – professional Branch available
Writing career available
House can be decorated with popart
Showers allowed

1960’s sexual revolution and civil rights era
Birth control! You no longer need to try for a baby with each woohoo
Astronaut career available
Secret agent career available
Marriage available regardless of ethnicity
Homosexual relationships allowed
Better TV’s allowed (No Wall mounted flat screens) (time restrictions still apply)
You may take time off for the birth of your baby

1970’s End of the vietnam war
First two children (Of either gender) are sent to war (cowplant) as conscripts or volunteer nurses and must take a survivor trait
First microprocessor allows 2nd tier computer to be used for gaming and writing only
Environmentalist movement – Every child born must have one of the following:
Self assured
Loves outdoors

All computers available for writing and playing games only
Yuppie era – Every child born must have one of the following traits:
Self assured
One person in the family must have a business/investor career
TV time restrictions 6am – 2am
You are allowed to go camping

1990’s – Internet!
Computers have no restrictions!
You are allowed to use your mobile phones!
When the first child turns from a child into a teen your family become Y2k disaster preppers
You must build a safe house on your property using the cheapest furniture and you must stay in there three days before your oldest teens birthday, no children etc are allowed to go to school

2000’s – Climate change
All careers open
Dad’s may take leave for the birth of their baby
Flatscreens allowed

Gay marriage allowed