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Jasmine had it all with, money and fame. She married to the hottest, come coming movie star. She had a beautiful daughter with him.  She is stuck in loveless marriage with a husband that is known the cheat. Her heart still ache for her first love. She ended their relationship for the man that she married. Jasmine kept in contact with her ex Micheal.


Will Jasmine marriage last or will she leave it all for Micheal. Stay tune!

Updates coming soon!

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Details behind the cancel stories

Since I won’t be finishing some of my stories. I want to give some details behind the stories. Some information on where I was trying to lead the stories.

  • Cassidy – She was murder by the man who rape her. He waited until she was due to have the baby (Mary Ann) before he kidnapped her. Once she gave birth to their daughter. That when he killed her and toss her body in the woods. I had another idea with this story. I want to keep her alive. But….. with one of the mods I have installed on my game. She was killed….. I couldn’t find her ghost or her grave. I want to turn her into supernatural Sims. I was thinking  making her into Zombie.



  • Mary-Ann – Her father raise her after killing her mother. He told her stories about her mother being the love of his life. She ran off after giving birth. He try to find her but there was no luck. When she turn 18 years. She wanted to take a year off and try to find her mother. She met her soon to be her husband in the big city. They fell in love and got married. Her father was mad, and he was a very controlling man. What Mary didn’t know, her father was watching her every moved. When they went camping. He kidnapped her. He couldn’t bear killing his only daughter. He locked her away in his basement with two other people. One of the people she met when she was a little girl. The lady was her Aunt. She was her mother younger sister. She try to break up with him after finding out how controlling he was.




  • Emma – There isn’t much to say about her story. She was going to be the end.


  • Between Tate – There was a lonely werewolf that went to a witch to ask her to make him a wife.
  • Saint Harmony – She was trying to be a good girl and support her kids. She was stripper that did extra on the side. She had five kids of the risky woohoo. She loved her kids dearly. She wasn’t good mother. She met a man at the club. He used to tip her well. Harmony became upset when she found out the newer dancers were making more money then she was. She went off on the owners and lost her job at the club. The nice man from the club found where she lived. He try to help her with the kids and her rundown house. She wanted to be on her own without any man help. She robbed the bank. She shot her boyfriend in the shoulder when he try to stop her.



If you want to read any of them CLICK HERE


Edit* There will be a new story that going be posted soon.. 🙂