Cassidy- Baby bump, round 1 (ding)

I went to the doctor today. Yes, I’m pregnant again. I’m going try to hide it as long as I can. I untill I know what to do.

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-10

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to kill the baby, but I don’t want to keep it. I don’t want people knowing I was rape. Bad enough I live in my mom Alex shadow. People think cause she was a whore, I am going be too. People often judge me because I color my hair like mom Alex does. They forget my mom Harmony, was the sweetest person.

Screenshot-36 Screenshot-39

Jessi and his girlfriend had their baby, last week. He is tiny and cute. I don’t know who he looks like. Jessi ask Megan to marry him. She said yes, they didn’t want a wedding. On Halloween they got married at home. I guess, she my daughter in law. I’m still not happy about them having baby while they both are teens. They have two more years of high school. Megan told Jessi go college and she will stay home and raise the baby. Jessi doesn’t want to.  I was pregnant with him when I was 15. I have no room to talk.


Jessi ask me who his father was, I don’t honestly know. I was at party, I have been drinking. I slept with a lot of men that night. I was the whore. I have been to forget my past.

I saw Gregg outside making out with this girl. I don’t know who she is. He had long brown hair, she had tiny frame. I didn’t get to see her face.

Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4

Back to happy side. My little sister Rose is getting married, she meet this man online. He moved to Sunset Valley to be with her. I guess they been dating for a year now. He asked her to marry him. They are coming over next week for dinner. I guess I will meet him then.

Anyways, I’m signing off now.



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