I vote for Isaac Roth

Post is for phyrcracker93
He moved to Sunset Valley with his father, his mother died from overdose. His father wanted a fresh start.
He meet Cassidy in high school, it was love at first sight. He fell in love with her beauty. They relationship went too fast, after being together for a summer, she was pregnant with his child. He flips out and broke up with her.
She had their baby, her parent made her go brooding school till she was 18 years old.
When she came back, he got back with her. He promises he wouldn’t let her go. They got married.
Their parent got them a fixer upper house. The house needed a lot of work, but it was home. Isaac becomes a druggie and drunk, after fighting it. He was clean again; he was there for his family.
Their older son becomes a dad at age 16 years old. Isaac becomes a grandpa. His wife started her own cleaning company, that when she met her killer.
His wife was been missing for some time. What he doesn’t know, she was rape and felt shame for it. She was hiding her baby bump. She went back to her hometown to find her father and her son father. She went there to have the baby and give it up. The day was supposed toleave, she was kidnapped, and kept in dirty basement till she had the baby. 
She gave birth to girl, her name is unknown. 
Everyday wear:
Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8
Help Isaac find love again…

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