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Reckless – Current – Cancel

About: Jasmine had it all with, money and fame. She married to the hottest, come coming movie star. She had a beautiful daughter with him.  She is stuck in loveless marriage with a husband that is known the cheat. Her heart still ache for her first love. She ended their relationship for the man that she married. Jasmine kept in contact with her ex Michael. Will Jasmine marriage last or will she leave it all for Michael. Stay tune!

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Life is B*%#! – Current – Cancel

About: A man lost his wife from drugs and depression. Its the first time in a long he has go through life without her.

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CASSIDY – Cancel – Tossing

5/1/2018 – I will not be redoing this.

5/29/2018 – Story will be deleted

About: Cassidy was born into the world with two mothers. Her mothers were Harmony and Alex. They were born homeless when they first met. Harmony want to start a family after they got off the streets and into a home. They were together for 3 years before they were able to save up and buy a house. They both want to be pregnant. Harmony was the first to get pregnant. Alex got pregnant shortly after. Alex gave birth to boy named William. He didn’t make it. Harmony gave birth the same day William left the world. They named their daughter Cassidy. Alex become deeply depressed. She was out more than she was home. She met a man and became pregnant again. Alex left her family to be with the man. Cassidy became a rebel child. She was always sneaking out of the house to go to a party. She met a boy Issac. They grew up and had four kids together.

Cassidy-Intro  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6 Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 End


5/29/2018 – Story will be deleted


About: Mary mother was rape and she was having hard time dealing with the rape and the pregnancy. She gain a lot of weight to hide she was pregnant by another man. She was married to her high school sweetheart. They had four kids together. Their relationship wasn’t the best. He was struggling with drugs and alcohol. Mary mother was kidnap and held in basement until she gave birth to Mary. She was murder. Her body was never found. When Mary turn 18 years old. She want to find her mother. She want to know why she left her. She didn’t know her mother was killed. Her father talk about how beautiful she was and how much in love he was with her.

Chapter 2.0  Chapter 2.1  Chapter 2.2  Chapter 2.3  Chapter 2.4  Chapter 2.5  Chapter 2.6  Chapter 2.6.2

BETWEEN TATE – Cancel – Deleting

5/29/2018 – Deleting


About: She woke up in an unknown house with unknown man. She learns that he is werewolf that been lonely. He keeps her trap in the house. She becomes his house wife. She is unable to leave because he is scared that she will run away.

Preview   Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9 Chapter 10

SAINT HARMONY – Hold – Redoing – Cancel

5/29/2018 – Cancel plans on redoing. Story will be deleted

About: She been working at strip for a long time. She was slowly let go but before they could fire her. She quits because girls were making more money then she was. She got caught up in a bad place and she did what she had to do to feed her family.

SAINT HARMONY-UPDATE   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4 Chapter 5




Chapter 1.0  Chapters 1.2  Chapters 1.3  Chapters 1.4  Chapters 1.5 Chapters 1.6 Chapters 1.7 Chapters 1.8 Chapter 1.9 Chapters 1.10 Chapter 1.11 Chapter 1.11.2 Chapter 1.12

How to become that crazy ex-girlfriend…. – Cancel – Tossing

Coming Soon – Summer 2018 – Fall 2018

About: It was the end of the summer for her. She just hit rock bottom. She doesn’t feel like she can just get over it. She need to escape from it all. She was ready to end it all right now.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Final

Short Stories


Untitled – Coming soon 2021

30 Day’s Create-a-Sims Challenge

I am doing the 30 Day’s Create-a-Sims Challenge.  You will not see any of the update until I am finish. So, if you are reading this. I am finish. 🙂 If you aren’t reading this.. means I didn’t finish it..

First post will be Feb 1st. 2018



  1. Slob
  2. Perfectionist
  3. Party
  4. Hipster

  5. Artist
  6. Writer
  7. Greek
  8. Fitness buff
  9. Rocker
  10. Goth
  11. Prep
  12. Country
  13. Pastel Goth

  14. Millionaire
  15. Poor
  16. Boho
  17. Valentine’s Day Couple

  18. New Years Inspired

  19. Identical Twins
  20. Polar Opposite Twin
  21. 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
  22. Pride (make a sim dressed as if going to a gay pride festival)
  23. Steampunk
  24. Beach Babe

  25. Bookworm (make a sim that loves to read)
  26. Nerd
  27. Dark scene
  28.  Typical Teenager (make a sim based of the stereotypical teenager, pimples and all)
  29.  Outdoor (make a sim that loves being outside, perhaps a gardener?)
  30. Seasons (make 4 sims, one based on each season, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)



A lot of people are having lagging problems with the Island Paradise Expansion. This is what fixed it for me. There is a pesky Family which appears to be causing the issue. Load the game in and then find the “SCOTT” Family. Move them out and delete them. Zoom the map out and check that you can move around the map without lagging, then zoom in and do the same. Then Save the game. Thats what fixed the lagging for me !! Get rid of the Scott Family from the game !!

After that you can also try resetting any Sims that may be “Stuck” on the map somewhere while you are in game by using CTRL+SHIFT+C keys. A small rectangular box will appear Top Left of svreen then type “resetsim” and Enter.

Hope this helps

Some people have found that removing the Scott family fixes a lot of the lag. Others have found that removing two houses (Amigos and the Medina family; move the families into other houses) does the trick. Removing all houseboats and docks is another (especially with Pets; houseboats and horses is bad juju).

EllaCharmed fixed a lot of the routing issues in Isla Paradiso. Some were idiotic object placements like toilets and showers blocking each other, but others were a lot more complicated. Her fixed world can be found here:

I’ve also read that removing the fog (“testingcheatsenabled true” and then “discoverallunchartedislands”) can help.

Face it, Isla Paradiso is just a very poorly designed world. The rest of the EP is decent enough, but that world is enough to drive anyone batty.

EA Revenue by Game- the Financial Impact of Boycotting the GP

(Found this on another page)

Alright Simmers, since the GP announcement yesterday, I have seen a lot of posts about the following complaints:

  1. EA Doesn’t Listen to Us
  2. EA is Greedy
  3. Boycott the pack.

Since EA is a large corporation, and I am a finance nerd, I wanted to to let the numbers talk! Please note this post is not to discredit the complaints that have been raised, just to put some facts behind talking points.

EA’s gross revenue in 2019 was roughly 4.9 Billion for comparison UbiSoft (Assassins Creed, FarCry, etc) grossed roughly 1.5 billion and Rockstar/Take Two (RDR, GTA) grossed 2.6 billion. These two companies were chosen due to large releases in FY19.

Between 28-32% (est. 1.47 Billion) of EA’s revenue comes from the Madden/FIFA titles PER YEAR. Meanwhile, in the entire six years that Sims 4 has been out, it just grossed 1 Billion in sales (avg. 166 Million a year- ie 3.6% of yearly revenue) as of 2019.

Noting this, the Sims is really penny’s in revenue when compared to other games. Knowing that the Sims 4 has been downloaded 30 Million Times, we can assume that if usually 2-5% of players buy a DLC (this is a number I’m just throwing out for the sake of conversation as it aligns with the Sims yearly revenue, and accounts for those who do not continue to play the title. I could not find an actual % DLC Sales for the sims), the revenue on a full price Game Pack (again assuming no bundles or sales) is likely only between 15 and 30 Mil. This is less than single percentage point of EA’s yearly revenue. Even if a single GP grossed over 100 Mil, you are still looking at barely 2% of their yearly revenue. If you boycott this pack, EA will not notice any hit to revenue, especially with other titles increasing in revenue by 27% year over year.

I think these numbers truly explain why the Sims 4 often feels like a cash grab. Corporations both in gaming and other industries are frequently out of touch with the consumer, and focus on proven business methods the gain revenue– ie. partnerships with other large corporations. To EA, Simmers are simply a loud minority. Looking at these numbers, I don’t expect for them to listen to us soon. While I fully support anyone who decide they do not want to purchase any given DLC, I think there is better ways to get EA’s attention.



It’s been a while since I post anything on here. A lot has happen within the last six month.

I accepted my demon (Mental Health). I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. I was place on medication and I take CDB oil to help. Oh boy the lovely side effects of the medication. I think, I see a bird. I know the bird isn’t real. My short term memory isn’t at its best. I forget a lot more lately. It all side effects of my medications.

We sold our house because of the people next door. Then we brought another house. I like it here. It’s a big house.

And finally, the virus.. I am still working because stores still need food. People need to eat. It got me thinking… About Sims! I download Mod for the Sims 4 zombie mod