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CASSIDY – Cancel – Tossing

5/1/2018 – I will not be redoing this.

5/29/2018 – Story will be deleted

About: Cassidy was born into the world with two mothers. Her mothers were Harmony and Alex. They were born homeless when they first met. Harmony want to start a family after they got off the streets and into a home. They were together for 3 years before they were able to save up and buy a house. They both want to be pregnant. Harmony was the first to get pregnant. Alex got pregnant shortly after. Alex gave birth to boy named William. He didn’t make it. Harmony gave birth the same day William left the world. They named their daughter Cassidy. Alex become deeply depressed. She was out more than she was home. She met a man and became pregnant again. Alex left her family to be with the man. Cassidy became a rebel child. She was always sneaking out of the house to go to a party. She met a boy Issac. They grew up and had four kids together.

Cassidy-Intro  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6 Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 End


5/29/2018 – Story will be deleted


About: Mary mother was rape and she was having hard time dealing with the rape and the pregnancy. She gain a lot of weight to hide she was pregnant by another man. She was married to her high school sweetheart. They had four kids together. Their relationship wasn’t the best. He was struggling with drugs and alcohol. Mary mother was kidnap and held in basement until she gave birth to Mary. She was murder. Her body was never found. When Mary turn 18 years old. She want to find her mother. She want to know why she left her. She didn’t know her mother was killed. Her father talk about how beautiful she was and how much in love he was with her.

Chapter 2.0  Chapter 2.1  Chapter 2.2  Chapter 2.3  Chapter 2.4  Chapter 2.5  Chapter 2.6  Chapter 2.6.2

BETWEEN TATE – Cancel – Deleting

5/29/2018 – Deleting


About: She woke up in an unknown house with unknown man. She learns that he is werewolf that been lonely. He keeps her trap in the house. She becomes his house wife. She is unable to leave because he is scared that she will run away.

Preview   Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9 Chapter 10


SAINT HARMONY – Hold – Redoing

5/29/2018 – Cancel plans on redoing. Story will be deleted

About: She been working at strip for a long time. She was slowly let go but before they could fire her. She quits because girls were making more money then she was. She got caught up in a bad place and she did what she had to do to feed her family.

SAINT HARMONY-UPDATE   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4 Chapter 5





Chapter 1.0  Chapters 1.2  Chapters 1.3  Chapters 1.4  Chapters 1.5 Chapters 1.6 Chapters 1.7 Chapters 1.8 Chapter 1.9 Chapters 1.10 Chapter 1.11 Chapter 1.11.2 Chapter 1.12


How to become that crazy ex-girlfriend….

Coming Soon – Summer 2018 – Fall 2018

About: It was the end of the summer for her. She just hit rock bottom. She doesn’t feel like she can just get over it. She need to escape from it all. She was ready to end it all right now.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Final



Short Stories




Untitled – Coming soon Oct 2018







30 Day’s Create-a-Sims Challenge

I am doing the 30 Day’s Create-a-Sims Challenge.  You will not see any of the update until I am finish. So, if you are reading this. I am finish. 🙂 If you aren’t reading this.. means I didn’t finish it..

First post will be Feb 1st. 2018



  1. Slob
  2. Perfectionist
  3. Party
  4. Hipster

  5. Artist
  6. Writer
  7. Greek
  8. Fitness buff
  9. Rocker
  10. Goth
  11. Prep
  12. Country
  13. Pastel Goth

  14. Millionaire
  15. Poor
  16. Boho
  17. Valentine’s Day Couple

  18. New Years Inspired

  19. Identical Twins
  20. Polar Opposite Twin
  21. 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
  22. Pride (make a sim dressed as if going to a gay pride festival)
  23. Steampunk
  24. Beach Babe

  25. Bookworm (make a sim that loves to read)
  26. Nerd
  27. Dark scene
  28.  Typical Teenager (make a sim based of the stereotypical teenager, pimples and all)
  29.  Outdoor (make a sim that loves being outside, perhaps a gardener?)
  30. Seasons (make 4 sims, one based on each season, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Happy Anniversary

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Details behind the cancel stories

Since I won’t be finishing some of my stories. I want to give some details behind the stories. Some information on where I was trying to lead the stories.

  • Cassidy – She was murder by the man who rape her. He waited until she was due to have the baby (Mary Ann) before he kidnapped her. Once she gave birth to their daughter. That when he killed her and toss her body in the woods. I had another idea with this story. I want to keep her alive. But….. with one of the mods I have installed on my game. She was killed….. I couldn’t find her ghost or her grave. I want to turn her into supernatural Sims. I was thinking  making her into Zombie.



  • Mary-Ann – Her father raise her after killing her mother. He told her stories about her mother being the love of his life. She ran off after giving birth. He try to find her but there was no luck. When she turn 18 years. She wanted to take a year off and try to find her mother. She met her soon to be her husband in the big city. They fell in love and got married. Her father was mad, and he was a very controlling man. What Mary didn’t know, her father was watching her every moved. When they went camping. He kidnapped her. He couldn’t bear killing his only daughter. He locked her away in his basement with two other people. One of the people she met when she was a little girl. The lady was her Aunt. She was her mother younger sister. She try to break up with him after finding out how controlling he was.




  • Emma – There isn’t much to say about her story. She was going to be the end.


  • Between Tate – There was a lonely werewolf that went to a witch to ask her to make him a wife.
  • Saint Harmony – She was trying to be a good girl and support her kids. She was stripper that did extra on the side. She had five kids of the risky woohoo. She loved her kids dearly. She wasn’t good mother. She met a man at the club. He used to tip her well. Harmony became upset when she found out the newer dancers were making more money then she was. She went off on the owners and lost her job at the club. The nice man from the club found where she lived. He try to help her with the kids and her rundown house. She wanted to be on her own without any man help. She robbed the bank. She shot her boyfriend in the shoulder when he try to stop her.



If you want to read any of them CLICK HERE


Edit* There will be a new story that going be posted soon.. 🙂




A/N – So, sadly I have lose my saved file. I am going post without pictures. It’s been sitting in my draft folder for a year now. I want to post it for awhile now. This is the end for Mary-Ann. (Or is it?!?!) She didn’t have a happy ending.


Ezra POV.

“My wife has been missing for 12 years now. We just want answers! We need to find her body. We can place her in the grave, that is sitting empty now. There is a reward for anyone that can find her and help us closed to case. We are also, looking for her parents. She barely spoke of them.  Please help us find her! I have some spare time left.  I will answer some question before I leave. ”


One man stood up to ask a question

“Hi, sir.. Long time fan of yours. I do have question. Who was the blonde lady you were with at the bar? Before you say, we are just friends. I would like to add, that didn’t look like friendship to me, and few million followers. Are you dating her?”

“Yes, I am seeing someone. We are ONLY dating. She is an old friend of mine and Mary. We were leaning on each other as my wife is missing. We kinda, fell into love. We didn’t plan for this to happen, it just did. ”

That was a lie. He met her at bar, few months ago. She was known to be gold digger. She was a lot younger than he was. She didn’t care, she was only after the money and fame. Ezra knew she was a gold digger, but deep down he was lonely and she was beautiful.

Another person stood up to ask a question.

“What are you going to do if, Mary is found alive? Isn’t it weird that you are dating someone when Mary body isn’t even in the ground? How do you know that is she dead? Did you kill her?”

“I did not kill my wife. I do love her very much. I can not put my life on hold for her to be found alive or dead. I want to thank everyone that has help with the case. Please don’t give up. We need to close her case! I want to add, she isn’t the first mother that came up missing from this town! Yea, let that sink in! I am done with the questions now!”





Ezra went home thinking about if he is doing the right thing. Was he rushing a relationship because he was lonely? Was he doing the right thing for his little girl? It didn’t matter because he as another daughter/son on the way. He knew that he has to do the right thing, and move her into the house. He wasn’t ready for marriage yet. He is ready for another baby to be in the house. He doesn’t know how his little girl going take it.


Later that night, he invited his girlfriend over for dinner. They want to talk to Emma about her moving in and a baby on the way. He was scared that she would be upset and hate him.



“Emma, I am sorry that this is happening. I do love your mother very much. I can not put my life on hold, for her to be found. She wouldn’t want that.”

“What your father is trying to say. This is happening. You are going be a big sister!! How exciting is that? I will never try to replace…………Mary. I know she is your mother darling.”

“This is bullshit! Man this is so unfair Dad!”

“I know it is sweetheart. We didn’t plan for this to happen. I understand you are upset about the upcoming changes. You can’t be talking like that. She is right. We don’t care if you don’t like. It will be happening. We have one more thing to talk about before the night ends.”

“What your father is s going to say. WE ARE MOVING!!!!”

“No! You gotta be kidding me Dad! I’m not moving. This is our home, and it was our home before this tramp come along. I’m not moving Dad. I will run away first.”

“I knew you were going say that. Go away a run away you spoiled little brat! It still not going to change the fact that we are getting married and going to be having a family, with or without you. Isn’t that right Bunny?”


Ezra was frozen there. He was unable to move or say a word. Was it the right thing to do? His little girl was born in this house. It’s only home she knew. Deep down inside he knew this was a bad idea.

“I miss Mary so much right now.”

“What the fuck did you just say? She fucking dead. Get over her already. I am the best thing to happen to you. Fuck this brat. Let’s go get married now! We can ship her off to her grandparents or somewhere. I don’t care where. She has to leave babe… like now”

Emma ran off crying. She wish her mother was here! If she was here, this wouldn’t be happening right now. Her live would be so much better.

“Megan….. My daughter isn’t going anywhere. She belongs with me. If you are making me pick my daughter over you. Guess who just lost. You did! She isn’t going anywhere. We aren’t moving. I change my mind. We aren’t getting married. I think its best for us to take a break.”

“Whatever! Just give me the money and I will be out of your life.”

“What money? I’m not giving you a penny.”

“Yes you are! I need money to care for your child.”

“I will give you money after the baby is born. Please leave now!”

“NO! I’m not leaving. YOU aren’t leaving me. I hate to break it to you Darling. We are getting married. WE are moving into a penthouse. I mean, this house is tiny and…..poor. It’s gross and it’s not my taste. So, get over your fucking dead wife.”

Ezra  was hurt, mad and bunch other feeling. How did his life turn to crap?!? Why did he want go camping so badly. He wish, they would stay home. He can’t help but to blame himself for all of this.

“I need some time to myself right now. Things are moving to fast for us. I’m sorry. I know this isn’t what you want to hear. I will not be marrying you, or moving. I like my house. If you wanted to stay here with us, and be a family with us. We could remodel the house. I can moved my office into the bedroom. We could use that room for the baby. Right now, I need you to leave.”

She was mad that she lost her battle with Ezra. For a second she felt bad for the fight they had that night. She left and went home to her tiny, one room apartment. While she changing into her pajamas, she couldn’t stop thinking, how she became like this. Maybe having a child, would bring joy into her ice cold heart. Maybe a baby would warm her heart. She laugh and crawl into bed.



Emma POV

Emma was mad that her father is going to let some tramp take over their life. She missed her mother so much. No one could understand the pain that she feels.

The next day, she woke up before her father. She went into the bathroom. She wanted a change so badly. She need to get away from here. She grab pair of scissor and cut her long hair off, she color her hair. She went into her bedroom and pack everything she could in one bag. She left her cell phone on her dresser. She crawl out of the her bedroom window.

“Goodbye Daddy. I love you and Mom.” She said in a whisper. She only had a little amount of money. She didn’t know where she should go.

Emma walk quickly down the road. She was in hurry to get to the bus station before it left.

Emma arrived at the bus station. The place was almost empty. There was a few people there. Most of them were sleeping.

“Helloo, Umm… What is the cheapest place to travel to?”

“Most runways go to Bridgeport or Sunset Valley. They are each $63. It leaves in 3 minutes.”

“I’m not a runaway. I want a change of pace. I will take it.”

The lady rolled her eyes and took the money from Emma.