Cassidy- Weight on me

Yup, that is me. After Gregg said he will be back, I might got depressed and gain a lot of weight.

You know fat people are harder to kidnapped.Screenshot

I’m not active anymore. All I do is eat, watch TV and sleep. My kids notice there has been change in me. They don’t know what’s going on.

I am six months along now. I would be showing if I didn’t gain weight.  I would been huge like a house by now.

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8

I don’t answer my door if I am alone anymore. Hubby has been release now. We aren’t sleeping in the same room anymore. Its kinda sad. He sleeps in the kid’s bedroom. I feel like he doesn’t love me anymore.


I want ask him why he still here. He left his email open, when I got on the computer. He has been talking to other women about his fat wife. He been making fun of me. It hurts my feeling.


Rose been trying call me, she wants me help her plan the wedding. I keep lying to her.


I need tell people about Gregg and what he done to me.

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