Cassidy-May the darkness lay

I finally got planed about the baby.

I’m going travel to Los Sims, and give the baby up. I told my family, I want go there to try find my father.

My mom gave me some of the information about the man. It shouldn’t be too hard to find him.

Hubby is moving out. We are breaking up; I guess he can’t handle a fat wife.


My husband took the kids to the fair that was in town. After a day of fun, we are going tell them.

I was home alone, I thought I seen someone outside. I got up, to look outside.

Then bam, I woke up with him on top of me, raping me again. When I scream at him, he would punch me again, and again.


Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12

I laid there, allowing him to what he wanted. After he was done, I push myself against the bookcase.


Then he knocked me out again.

I woke up in cold, basement.

That where I stay till I gave birth to the baby, who knows what’s going happen to me or the baby.


I lost all of my extra weight. He barely feed me. At least I had sink with water.

I gave birth to beauty baby girl. She was perfect. He allow me hold me and feed her.

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-22

Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20

Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25

Then he killed me…….. He dug a hole and place my body in the hole, then cover it back up.

He left the baby at the cottage house, he told my sister he leaving her. He went back to cottage house to get the baby. Then he left town with our daughter.

My family will never know the horror i went through, the pain i felt.

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