Hi, I’m Cassidy


My mom is gay…. Well I guess she is Bi. Her longtime girlfriend Alex wanted to have kids, so they both got pregnant.


My mom gave birth to me, and couple days later. Alex gave birth to stillborn. She had a boy, his name was Will. Alex change after having him. She became deeply depressed. She started partying and hanging out wrong part of town. She was cheating on my mom with her best friend HB. She got pregnant; she told my mom that she was leaving her to marry HB. My mom was heartbroken; I was toddler at the time.


My mom took a trip to Paris; I went stayed with my other mom Alex. My mom came back happy. She met a great guy there. His name was Edgar. They wrote each other daily, and talk on the phone. He wanted to be with my mom. It was my birthday; he came to surprise my mom. He asked her to marry him. She said yes!! He moved in, and they got married. Few years later they gave birth to my twin sister Rose and Lilly.


I was teenager when they were born. I became wild, kinda like my other mom Alex. I was sleeping around with married men. Till one day, I got pregnant. I had tell my parents that I was prego. My mom was mad, Edgar was upset and my other mom Alex, didn’t care. She had her own family now. She didn’t come around anymore.


My mom and step-dad fell it was best for us to moved. So we moved to Sunset Valley. We moved into big house. My mom hated the place, it took all of our money. We didn’t have money left over to remodel the house.

I gave birth to my son Jessi. My mom want me to give him up, she knew it would be hard, trying take care of him and school. I didn’t want to. They would babysit for me, only for school or work..facebook_1437668123730

I meet this cute guy named Issc. He was smoking hot. We dated for a year, then all sudden he ends it because we were having a baby.


I had tell my parents once again, I’m prego. My mom was so mad. My dad, told me had go boarding school till I was 18 and they were making sign over my babies. So I did, I gave them up.  I gave birth to a girl, we named her Sammie.

I was gone for couple years, I didn’t get watch my sisters turn into kids. .facebook_1437668023301

I finish school ahead of time. I was able to return home. My parents moved to beach house, our back yard was the ocean. It was amazing.

I had my own studio apartment there. My mom was preg again with her last child. They were hoping for a boy. They did have a boy, they named him Mac.

I got back with my high school love. He moved in with us. Our parents got us a fixer upper house. We got married, and I was prego again, with my last child. Guess what, I got my other two kids back.

FB_IMG_1437667835711 FB_IMG_1437667838888 .facebook_1437667848448

Now my other mom Alex is back in our life. Edgar left my mom for her sister Mariah. Its my mom twin.

Now he has 3 kids with her. Sad times.

Anyways, this is my life.

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