CASSIDY-It begins again

*Note-This takes place 7 years ago, from last post*



“Oh, Hi little one. What is your name?”


“No sweetie, not mommy. Go bring me a phone.’



“I’m not your mommy. Do you know what a phone is?”



“Can you bring it to me? Please”



“Once there was a princess that was lock away. She did’t know where she was. She was lonely, cold and hungry. She need to use a phone. But this little girl wouldn’t bring it to her. The end”

“Bad story”

“Yes I know. I promise to read you better one after you bring me the phone”


“I can count to 3. 1……2…….4…..3”

“That is wonderful.”


“How did you get down here?”

“I climb down. Is this mommy?”


“No, sweetie.”

“Who are you? why do you have me locked up like some animal?”

“You’ll see soon”

He voice was cold as ice when he spoke to me.



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