Ashleigh – Baby Momma!

Whats up my Simmers? Welcome back to my blog. I believe this will be the first post in a long time! Is it a new story? Kinda…. What is the point of my post? Well, I don’t know… I start playing again after my computer was down for months. My power supply went bad. Then, my memory was failing. After spending $250. My Dell is back.

I create a new Sims. She want wants to be rich. I didn’t want to use ANY CHEATS. I found a new way to get rich! By marrying the rich people, getting pregnant and leaving them with nothing. I mean nothing! No money, or home. I take everything.

Mortimer Goth


She made him end his marriage. She kick out his ex wife and two kids. Sadly they died after they moved out. (Mod… Not sure which one) She ask him to marry her. They got married. She became pregnant.. After she had her daughter. She torn down his house and moved out. She left him with nothing.

Moving on to next…

Diego Lobo


He had no family but he didn’t like to Woohoo with her.. He always got sad after.. Poor thing. He ask her and her daughter to move in with him. She agree..

He ask her to marry him. She said yes and they got married. After a season, she was pregnant with twins! When she broke the news to him. He came depressed.. (Not making all of this up… There is a Mod that making things changes)

Things got weird between them. While she was pregnant with twins, she start to date around. After she found the next one. She end their marriage and hers. She left him with nothing. Only the clothes on his back… (Evil laugh)

Eric Lewis


He kick out his wife, father in law, and his own mother. He kept his daughter.

He was a great Step-Father to her oldest daughter.

They went on a vacation to get away for awhile. After they return, she gave birth to stillborn. The twins were a boy and girl,

Total $238,888


Pairs Goth

Josephine Lewis

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