CASSIDY STORY-End as we know it




A lot has change with in the ten years since I was murder by my rapist. My body was found 7 years ago. My case hasn’t been closed yet. My family has doubt about the police finding my killer. 

Mom died two years ago from overdose. My mom Alex is in the hospital. She doesn’t have much time left. All of the drugs and alcohol, damage her body.

My poor husband is raising our children alone. He did meet someone, but he too scared to get close to her.  She treats my children like her own. She respects me as their mother. She reminds my kids, that I am their mother, not her.

My first born baby Jessi, he married his girlfriend Megan. They both finish college and now they are raising their little family on their own. They have one child and another on the way. They don’t know it yet. 

Sammie, my little girl is all grown up. She didn’t turn out as any parent would hope.  She dances at the local club. She has three kids, and the fathers aren’t around. 

James came out gay to the family. I always knew it was. He is in college to become a doctor. He doesn’t remember me. He was only 10 when I died. He is in long term relationship with a boy. 

Rose left Greg some time ago. She had been doing great on her own. 

Lilly is married with two boys. She is a stay at home mom. Her husband is football player. She has the perfect life. 

Little old Mac, my youngest sibling, who owns our mom beach house. His “off and on” girlfriend lives there too. 

Stay tune for more!


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