I was in the middle of making my video, and Origin is down right now! I been meaning to post this. I might be finish with this story line..




I woke up to empty bed again.. I got out of bed and went downstairs. I though maybe in was in the living room watching TV or reading the paper.


I got to the living room, he wasn’t there. His car wasn’t here. Maybe he went to the store..



*Ring* *Ring* *Ring* My call went to his voicemail.

“Hello, you have reach Tate. I’m not able to come to the phone. Please leave a message, I’ll return your call”


Lola: Hey hun, where are you? Call me back!


Tate: Hey babe! Did you need something?

Lola: Where are you?

Tate: I’ll be home soon. Did you need something?


Lola: You can tell me where you went? You been leaving early in the morning..


Tate: I’ll be home soon… Love you!

Lola: Are you with her?


Tate: Why do you ask?

Lola: I hear another women Tate!


Tate: I gotta go!


I went upstairs to get Roxy up and change.

I made breakfast for Roxy and myself.

It was around noon when Tate got home.


Lola: Where you been? I been home taking care of our daughter. While you are out doing whatever you want!

Tate: Lola, don’t speak to me in that tone!


Tate: I was at Mariah house. I wanted to get my stuff out of the house and moved in with you.


I went in the kitchen to finish the dishes


Tate: Why are you mad at me?

Lola: You been leaving every morning this week. Are you sleeping with her?


Tate: No!


I knew that was another lie..


Lola: Please don’t lie to me!


Tate: I’m not going deal with you right now! I’m leaving..



He left the house…. I’m not sure if I could forgive him..

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