I had this uneasy feeling after she answer the phone. I couldn’t help to wonder who she was, and why he left me for her.


I went over to his house, I notice they were they were together.

Who is she? I check the mailbox to see any mail for this random women. I found out her name was Mariah Thompson.



Tate: I seen you came by my house yesterday. Did you need something?

Lola: Who is she?

Tate: Who?


Lola: I seen you with another women. Who is she? Is that why you kick me out and broke up with me? To be with her..

Tate: It’s not like that Lola. I’m sorry you feel that way. She my ex wife. She back in town and the love between me and her is still there. I never told you this, I wasn’t born Werewolf. I was 23 when I was attack and turn. She freak out and left me.


Lola: What about me?

Tate: What about you?

Lola: I……freaking……love you and I want to be with you.


Tate: That is sweet, but I am with her again Lola. You will find someone.

Lola: Tate, what we had was great, please be with me!


Lola: I’m pregnant too.

Tate: Really?!?!

Lola: Yes, I found out today.


Tate: Wow, That so cool. I’m going be a father.

Lola: Yes. So, doesn’t that change things?


Tate: Honey, It doesn’t change how I feel about her, I love her.

Lola: Why? She doesn’t seem to be your type.


Tate: I gotta get home. Do you need anything?

Lola: Please don’t leave me.


Tate: Lola, I’m sorry that I lead you on.

I bury my face into his cheat and just cry. He held me, till I was able to stop.


Tate: I promise things will get better.


Lola: It will never be better.

Tate: I am sorry.


Lola: Please stay!

Tate: Please come over for lunch lunch tomorrow, I want you to meet her.


Lola: Are you kidding me?!?!

Tate: Lola, please claim down, and stop yelling!


Lola: No!

Tate: Lola, I am leaving now, please come over.


After he left, I done some research on her. They were married for short time when they were younger. She left him after he was turn. She been working at strip club couple towns over. Why did she come back?


She been married twice now, she has 2 kids with her second husband. They are still married.

I worried about Tate. Maybe she came back to take all of his money?!?!


I got dress and went over there to meet HER.


I was hoping she wouldn’t be home, it would be him and myself.



Tate: I’m glad you came. Mariah ran to the store, she will be right back.

Lola: Oh, I like your new home..

Tate: Thanks!


Tate: Let me show you around.


Tate: What are we having?

Lola: It’s too soon to tell. I don’t know how say this, but I don’t want our child around her.

Tate: That not fair, she going be my wife again.

Lola: She still is married to another guy.

Tate: I know that Lola




Lola: I’m going back home Tate.

I did go home, I haven’t seen Tate since that night.

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