Between Tate 2


Next morning he woke me up to eat breakfast. 

Tate: I place some clothes for you to wear.

Lola: I’m not your wife.

Tate: In time you will be. Hurry up and eat, you have cleaning to do.

Then he leaves to room. I ate my waffles. Then I got dress.

He style my hair and put my makeup on. 



The clothes  wasn’t my style.  

After I got dress, he unlocked my door. Told me start cleaning the house. I check the front door, see if i can get out of here. All of the doors were lock. I was stuck in this damn house with him. 


I started in his bedroom, and i was making the bed, he was standing at the doorway. 

Tate: You look lovely today my dear. 

Lola: Thank you!


After i clean the house. I ask if I could take a bath. He allow me, I had leave the door up. 



It felt great to relax a bit.

He took me to the store to get dinner. I grill salmon, and made potatoes.



I thought about jumping the fence and making a run. I knew he would catch up to me. 


“It smells great love”

“Thank you. I hope you like salmon”

“I do. You did a great job cleaning our house love”


“Can you stop calling my love and dear. My name is…”

“I’m going stop you right there, I will call you what ever I feel like. I know your name is Lola. We need go city hall and have that change. Its stupid name. I will think better name for you”

“Why am I here? “

“Please clean up and change into comfortable clothes, Its time to watch TV with me”


I done what I was told, there was no point in fighting him. He could kill me with a second. 


“I’m sorry for being mean, please try enjoy this movie with me”

“I can’t enjoy myself when I feel like I’m in prison”

“How can i make you feel conformable at home with me?” 

“You can’t.”

I went back to my room. Change into my pj. 


I felt hopeless, lost and confused. Who I am? Where did I come from? Why aren’t my family looking for me? Why can’t I remember anything?

I had so many question but no answer. 



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